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ATLANTA SERVICE ADVISORY A severe weather advisory is in effect for much of the Northern Georgia area from Wednesday, February 25th through Thursday, February 26th. In preparation, GRM is alerting all clients in the area that accumulations of snow, along with strong winds and freezing temperatures, may cause unavoidable service delays and interruptions. The facility […]


Data Privacy Day–January 28

January 28 is Data Privacy Day, a day that reminds us to better protect our information in light of recent large-scale data breaches that have impacted millions of people worldwide. Some pointers to better safeguard your information online include: – Make sure your log-in site — whether it’s for online banking, social media, or others — is secure. This […]


On the Road with GRM: Washington, D.C. & Baltimore

Now that the sunburn has finally faded from our stopover in Miami, we head northeast to scope out the sights around a pair of GRM facilities in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Approximately one hour apart, these storage facilities service a wide range of businesses in the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area. Just outside of our Washington, D.C. facility, […]


On the Road with GRM: Miami

Happy New Year from your friends at GRM! What better way to kick off the year than with a virtual trip—or an actual vacation if you choose—to Miami? In this week’s continuation of the On the Road with GRM blog series, we’re headed to the “Magic City” and another major U.S. market GRM proudly serves. […]


The Benefits of Offsite Document Storage

Despite the rising trend toward shifting business practices in the digital direction, many organizations continue to print and store physical documents.  This is understandable, but organizing, filing, and refiling takes precious time away from workers’ core tasks. Physicians’ offices, law firms, and human resource departments understand this paper pain very well as they are often […]


On the Road with GRM: Atlanta

Our road trip to North American areas served by GRM on-site facilities continues with the city of Atlanta. In a bid to indulge our inner geek passion for paper, our first stop is the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking. Located in the Renewable Bioproducts Institute at Georgia Tech, this extraordinary museum has compiled thousands […]


On the Road with GRM: Indianapolis

This week, as part of our continuing virtual tour, we’re at the Crossroads of America exploring storage-related sites in close proximity to our Indianapolis facility. Our first stop, aptly called The Warehouse, is a live music venue that was once a machine shop. Aside from the appropriateness of the name in relation to document storage, […]


World AIDS Day – December 1

In support of World AIDS Day, GRM proudly displays a red ribbon on its homepage and encourages visitors to learn more about creating an AIDS-free generation by visiting or Though we are reminded of this cause today, we cannot forget the battle that 35 million people face each day. Donations to help fight AIDS […]