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Sundays Without "Omaha"

March 28, 2016

He was the throwback who threw forward.   A lot.   He threw forward so many times that he retired with more, career touchdown passes than any other quarterback in NFL history, five MVP awards and two, Super Bowl Championship rings.  Peyton Manning is, indeed, a throwback.   A rare commodity.  A player who was nearly revered as much for his off-the-field contributions as for his on-the-field accomplishments.
Hang out around an American office these days and you just might catch a glimpse of another rare commodity.  Paper.  That’s right, with the advent of digital processes, more and more businesses are heading to a “less paper” if not entirely a “paperless” environment.  Many of these companies seek the advice of information management companies to provide recommendations for preferred scanning, hosting and digital workflow solutions.  For those organizations who continue to rely on paper just as much as a quarterback relies on his left tackle, those same information management services companies can be a reliable resource for cost-efficient, physical records storage and secure, certified shredding services.
Sundays just won’t be the same without old, number 18 under center.  The same might be said about the workplace without paper.  Omaha!
—-Dr. Document
football final 2

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