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The uphill battle for network defense

November 6, 2017

Author: Karen Epper Hoffman

“With news of online breaches and nation-state hacks nearly every week, it’s not just Boy Scouts who are striving to “be prepared.” Government agencies and law enforcement units see improving their cybersecurity hygiene as a critical step to mitigating attacks.”

Read More Here: https://gcn.com/Articles/2017/10/31/battle-network-defense.aspx?Page=1

GRM Article Commentary:

Data and Information Security is Crucial for All Businesses:

Data protection is a major concern for employees at all levels in an organization. For proper business process management to take place, it is essential that ensuring the security of sensitive data and documents is a part of the company’s top priorities. Issues stemming from a lack in data and network security can be disastrous for an organization. Document management and data security go hand-in-hand with GRM’s SaaS-based cloud storage solution. Our system has end-to-end encryption and disaster recovery services, which allow for businesses to worry less about data security and focus more on their day-to-day business processes. Click here for more information on how GRM can help secure your data and protect your business’ confidential information: https://www.grmdocumentmanagement.com/services/data-protection/

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