Pathology Solutions


GRM’s Pathology Solutions encompass strategies and services for the digital management of pathology assets and processes, as well as the storage of blocks and slides. Our Pathology Solutions follow recommendations from the College of American Pathologists and the Clandestine Laboratory Investigators Association (CLIA), and all pathology assets and data are handled by our HIPAA-trained staff.

Our comprehensive Pathology Solutions optimize pathology lab operations, delivering greater efficiency while cutting operational costs. We provide secure, industry-compliant storage facilities, as well as safe and efficient pickups and deliveries.

Read about our recent work with leading pathology laboratory in the country, servicing a 22-hospital system (link to case study)



Leading pathology labs rely on our comprehensive digital workflow solutions to optimize their lab operations.

Built around our cloud-based content services platform (CSP), this healthcare information management technology utilizes automated workflows to transform the administrative and operational aspects of pathology testing into paperless processes. Rather than waiting for couriers to transport lab requisitions and other pathology-related paperwork around your medical campus, your laboratory or healthcare system can save valuable time and reduce errors by implementing secure, automated workflows for lab requisitions, billing and more.

Our Digital Pathology Solution also includes our intelligent form technology, known as iForms, which further speeds up processes while decreasing the likelihood of clerical errors. With iForms, the manual collection, sorting and input of pathology data is cut dramatically by auto populating fields and data based on customizable contextual information.

Digital Solutions & Software for Pathology Laboratories - Workflow and Storage



GRM’s storage facilities are specifically designed to house and protect valuable assets such as blocks and slides.

Storing blocks and slides on-site in your laboratory or medical office takes up valuable space that you could use for other functions. If these blocks and slides are not stored properly and in an organized manner, the samples may be damaged or destroyed and will likely require more time for your employees to locate when needed.

Our state-of-the art, temperature-controlled storage vaults are equipped with 24-hour security and feature a cutting-edge fire suppression system. We provide safe, on-time transport and make it easy for you to retrieve your blocks and slides with our PrecisionPlus barcode tracking system and eAccess, our online inventory control system. You can use eAccess to efficiently place orders, organize inventory, request pickups and deliveries, generate reports and more.

Storage solutions for pathology blocks and slides

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