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Whether you’re facing budget challenges or staffing challenges — or both — GRM’s HIM Automation Solutions may be exactly what you need. It’s a combination of services, delivered by our cloud-based content services platform and our expertly-trained staff, that’s capable of reducing your HIM department expenses by 50% or more.

Experts in healthcare information management, GRM has helped many healthcare providers reduce their costs and streamline the efficiency of their HIM departments.

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Clinical Document iFiling

Every HIM department spends an inordinate amount of time and valuable resources shuffling through, sorting, scanning and uploading documents — and manually inputting data into their EHR.

Utilizing our cloud-based ECM platform (enterprise content management), intelligent forms and robotic process automation technologies, GRM systems identify index and document type information and upload the proper patient data into the proper place in your EHR — processing patient healthcare records by machine 24 hours a day.

This process of medical record indexing can effectively eliminate any backlog of patient medical records, give healthcare providers more immediate access to important patient data and dramatically lower your labor costs.

Healthcare Release of Information

The second GRM service that can reduce the human resource demands of your HIM department is our Release of Information service.

Our secure, HITECH and HIPAA-compliant platform delivers the functionality required to deliver efficient, fast and nearly error-free ROI services.

The platform’s advanced capture and workflow automation functions are ideally-suited to deliver services such as ROI that demand secure processes and automated extraction and organization of data. And simple integrations with EMRs, billing systems and imaging systems enable a smooth exchange of data and accelerate the ROI fulfillment process.

Medical Record Retrieval

GRM can also request and retrieve medical charts and records on your behalf from other practices in order to accommodate transfer of care requirements or related circumstances that require a secure exchange of medical information.

The process is initiated online by a request being submitted via an Intelligent Form. And once the document is secured, it can then be consumed by our online platform — then the Clinical Document iFiling takes over — with Robotic Process Automation efficiently processing the data and automatically indexing and filing electronic health records within the EHR.

Reduce Costs by 50%

Eliminate Record Backlog

Improve Patient Experience