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Transition of Care

Not being able to access accurate patient information directly impacts the cost-effectiveness and productivity of a care center. Medical information should follow patients seamlessly as they visit different care providers.
We can facilitate the smooth capture and transfer of patient information from primary care offices to the next progression of a patient’s chain of care, whether it’s a specialist’ office or rehabilitation center, so everyone is up to speed.
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Unifying Disparate
Information Systems

Different care providers use different EMR systems that don’t talk to each other and critical patient data is often housed in these old legacy systems and is difficult to access. Consequently, when patient information needs to be quickly transferred from one care provider to the next, transition of care is slowed down significantly due to a lack of compatibility between systems.

In order to keep the patient’s care progressing efficiently, our enterprise content management platform can serve as a central point from which users can identify that patient records exist in different EMR systems. But more importantly, our legacy data archive solution can extract once-isolated patient data from disparate systems and permanently house the entire collection of data; making it easily accessible and allowing the health system to decommission legacy EMRs and enjoy substantial savings.

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Improved Billing
Process Efficiency

Not all care providers have the same billing processes in place, and this proves problematic when it comes time to evaluate the efficiency and compliance practices of a department. Without a set processing structure for billing, inefficiencies take root and cement themselves over time; negatively impacting the patient experience and the profitability of the care center.

Recently, the BPCI (Bundled Payments for Care Improvements) initiative was enacted to help boost the efficiency and coordination of patient billing. Our workflow automation solutions provide the structure and processes to deliver on the promise of BPCI throughout a health system.

And, our intelligent capture and iForms technology can dramatically accelerate centralized billing processes by capturing pertinent patient data intelligently and then auto-populating this information into billing forms. These automation solutions are collectively capable of boosting the processing capacity and productivity of your billing department.

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