Data Breach White Paper

by: Jim Leonard

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Healthcare organizations are faced with two conflicting demands. Partners need more and more access to patients records to approve payments, work audits and manage collections while at the same time properly stewarding the security of this same data.

We often see almost unbridled access given to the systems storing data in order for our partners to work on our behalf and in many cases the systems in place simply don’t have the level of security necessary to limit access to only a subset of patients.

Take, for instance, a single commercial payor that requires more and more specific data in order to authorize payment for services. This data request becomes difficult to manage on a daily basis and can often result in the organization simply providing access directly to an EHR that is not designed to limit views to a certain payor, and stewardship of that data is now faulty.

What is needed in many cases is a secure, completely separate portal that can allow partners access to necessary data and absolutely nothing else. The challenge is doing this cost effectively for the organization.

I have seen the creation of just this type of portal system, in a very cost effective manor, that limits the data and patient population to exactly what is needed for the partner and nothing more.

The perfect solution.