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Making The Transition From Paper to Paperless (Or, At Least, Less Paper)

February 22, 2016

If you live in Boston and happen to get ill, just remember that it pays to be rich.  Massachusetts General Hospital, the country’s third oldest general hospital with a reputation as one of its finest, now plans to offer a concierge medicine practice.  For a cool $6,000 a year, patients in the CMP will get 24/7 access to their doctors in addition to personalized nutrition, exercise and wellness counseling.
Likewise, if you work for a company that relishes its reputation as progressive, you might also be witnessing change.  More and more American businesses are making the transition from paper-based to paperless (or, at least, less paper) businesses processes.  To help achieve that goal, information management services companies are providing support in the areas of document scanning, hosting and digital workflow.  But as progressive as some companies are, some remain stalwarts, clinging to the vestiges of paper.  For them, cost-effective, off-site document storage and secure, confidential, certified shredding services remain paramount alternatives.
The next time you’re in Beantown and you get a tummy ache, call your rich uncle. Tell him to meet you at Mass General.   And tell him to bring plenty of presidential portraits on green and black paper.  To your health!
—-Dr. Document
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