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When it comes to fulfilling Release of Information (ROI) demands, speed and compliance are paramount. Most ROI requests are time-sensitive and sometimes in the spirit of delivering information fast, certain steps in compliance are bypassed. On the other hand, the completion of all the proper compliance steps before critical information is released can turn into a lengthy process.

GRM Document Management developed a step-by-step procedure which merges both the concept of quickly delivering information to requestors and upholding all federal and state regulations regarding the privacy and protection of patient data, medical records management, and document storage. Our medical ROI specialists initiate and manage every step of GRM’s authorization and release procedures, so you can be confident that outsourcing ROI compliance to GRM is a smart and safe decision.

Release of Information Services - Integrate ROI with Health Records

Accelerate Release of Information

We strive to provide the most secure, accelerated (ROI) release of information services.

  • Information can be released in a variety of formats which includes
    paper, digital or the direct delivery of data to EMR, or even archived legacy EHR data systems.
  • For companies, release of information services can be integrated into our ECM and business process management solutions.
  • We work with a wide array of third-party entities such as law firms,
    insurance companies, state agencies and court systems.
  • We strictly adhere to HIPAA and HITECH regulations throughout
    our Release of Information Fulfillment Process, eliminating any chance of a breach
    in confidentiality taking place.
  • All medical ROI tasks are closely tracked through audit trail reporting to
    provide end-to-end visibility on requests.
  • Authorization for release of protected health information should not be an impossible task


A proven Release of Information Service

Each phase of our nine-step ROI process has been refined for optimal
delivery speed and information security.

  • Validate the legitimacy of the requester to protect sensitive information.
  • Capture, collect and sort requested information.
  • Create invoice for the ROI services performed and those
    that have yet to be completed.
  • Package and validate patient information for delivery.
  • Collect ROI fees, or submit invoice prior to delivering content.
  • Deliver information to the verified requestor.
  • Send fulfillment notifications to the parties involved
    after delivery has been made.
  • Authenticate the receipt of information.
  • Track ROI content activity.
Proven Medical Release of Information Service - get fast authorizations for release of protected health information
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