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Time To Cast Your Vote

With the general election looming just over the horizon, nearly all the discussion dwells on whom the American electorate will vote for, not so much how they’ll vote. I’ll admit it’s much more invigorating debating the merits of the two, major party candidates than the means by which we’ll cast our vote.  Nevertheless, I find […]


400th Anniversary of “To be or not to be” but really, what is the question?

If you think 2016 is just another year, think again.  Zap, pow, Batman turns 50.  “Yeah, yeah, yeah”, so does the Beatles’ final concert performance.  “Yo, Adrian”, Rocky is 40.  And believe it or not, it’s the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.  Speaking of the Bard, as a healer of all parchment, […]



If you spend your waking hours like me, wandering aimlessly around offices, you hear it over and over again.  “Way too much paper.”  “Get rid of this paper.”  “We’re swimming in paper.” “For crying out loud, we got to go paperless!” Paper bashers unite! You’ve made your case. You’ve brought us to the Eve of […]


“Plane” Simple

It’s plain simple. Or maybe I should say, plane simple. Most young boys with flights of fancy take their first stab at aeronautical engineering with construction of a paper airplane. I know I did. A fold here, another one there and I had designed a sleek, super duper, state-of-the-art, paper glider. If I got lucky, […]


Opening Day, “Play Ball”

We all use it.  Sometimes, consciously.  Often times, subconsciously.  It’s a part of everyday life.  A part of everyday communication. What is it?  A figure of speech.  Simply defined, a figure of speech is saying one thing in terms of something else.  It can come in a variety of forms – simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole […]


Sundays Without “Omaha”

He was the throwback who threw forward.   A lot.   He threw forward so many times that he retired with more, career touchdown passes than any other quarterback in NFL history, five MVP awards and two, Super Bowl Championship rings.  Peyton Manning is, indeed, a throwback.   A rare commodity.  A player who was nearly revered as […]



Stress has been known to cause many health problems ranging from physical pain, heart disease, depression, skin conditions, digestive system, weight fluctuations, and sleep difficulties. And as if that isn’t a long enough list, a recent study conducted by scientists from Yale University suggests that stress can actually shrink your brain. It’s clear that we […]


Olfactory Anchors: The Smell of Paper

A few days ago, my daughter asked me to purchase tea lights for her history class project.  Being the dutiful Dad, I first tried the local hardware store.  Not having exactly what she needed, the owner suggested I check out the stationery store across the street.  As I walked into the place, the first thing […]


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