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Leading Chicago Hospital Improves Its Records Management with GRM
A leading Chicago Hospital was interested in improving its records management program. The hospital was on a hybrid program of EMR and paper records,...

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M.D. Makes Smooth Move with GRM Storage, Release of Information - A Doctor of Internal Medicine was about to transition from a clinical setting where he had practiced for many years to a non-affiliated hospital...
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Records Management

GRM provides comprehensive, leading edge Information and Documents/Records Management programs, customized to meet specific market, industry and organizational needs.

  • GRM offers Records and Information Management for every business and industry.
  • Our secure facilities utilize state-of-the-art technology.
    GRM employs:
    • CCTV
    • FM-200 fire suppression
    • An independent HVAC system
    • Key pad entry & motion detectors
    • SAS 70 Type II and ISO 9000:2001 certification
  • Chain-of custody barcode tracking ensures that client records are secure and accessible.
    GRM assures 100% accurate tracking, monitoring and delivery by employing:
    • Discrete barcode identification numbers
      • For each shelf location
      • For each storage container
      • For specific documents when requested
    • Laser scanners, monitored in real time
    • Web-based inventory control and order request applications
  • Exceptional customer service continues to be the key to our success.
    GRM offers every client:
    • 24 hour live customer service 365 days a year
    • A fully trained staff of experts versed in the specific needs of various industries

Digital Document Management

GRM’s Digital Document Management programs allow you to transition smoothly to a secure, accessible, paperless office.

  • GRM supports your paper-to-digital migration by managing the entire lifecycle of your critical documents.
    Our services include:
    • Imaging and scanning for digital conversion.
    • Secure storage in both physical vault facilities and digital repositories.
    • Document archiving, retrieval, pickup and delivery.
    • Secure shredding.
  • With GRM’s Scan-On-Request solution, companies can have select paper records quickly scanned, converted to virtually any digital format and delivered electronically.
    • Can reduce costs by imaging only required documents and records
    • Offers online inventory management using GRM’s eAccess and Online Record Center™
    • Guarantees immediate access to critical, offsite data
  • GRM`s Digital Document Management enables immediate capture from any point of entry and then extracts and routes information in support of cost-cutting workflow automation processes.
    • Workflow Tracking greatly reduces the time and expenses associated with manual processes, while accelerating critical decision-making processes by analyzing the key procedures driving a business.
  • GRM’s Smart Web Portal technology, in conjunction with the Online Record Center repository, enables users to access and integrate information enterprise wide for improved collaboration, productivity and customer service.
    Our Smart Web Portal gives organizations and their employees’ individualized access to documents and applications based on their job function and need for information.
    • Navigate through those systems from one web portal
    • Automatically exchange data and update back-end systems
    • Initiate workflows and business processes

Secure Shredding

As an effective, cost-cutting cornerstone to a best practices Information Management Program, GRM provides shredding and eWaste destruction services that meet regulatory retention/compliance mandates for both paper and electronic records.

  • With the implementation of a focused retention program, GRM’s secure shredding eliminates unnecessary storage costs.
    Focusing on compliance and security, GRM ensures that your company’s documents are shredded to your specifications. GRM provides:
    • Facilities manned by uniformed security personnel and pickup/delivery vehicles that are continuously monitored via Digital Dispatch, our proprietary fleet software.
    • Total information chain-of-custody tracking through our advanced barcode technology & receipt printing.
  • When it comes to safely destroying sensitive data, GRM offsite shredding is the secure, cost-effective solution.
    • A secure vehicle, tracked and monitored by Digital Dispatch, is sent directly to your office and only fully-trained GRM Personnel retrieve our repositories; all Document Shredding is conducted within 24-48 hours of retrieval and we provide a Certificate of Destruction for your records.
  • Our eWaste destruction reduces the heightened risk of sensitive material exposure that comes with more and more data being digitized.
    You cannot simply discard a computer or the information contained within. GRM will destroy all forms of eWaste, including:
    • Hard Drives
    • Computer Parts
    • Credit Cards
    • Technical Data
    • Monitors
    • Keyboards
    • Obsolete Products
    • Micro-Film
    • Micro-Fiche
    • Tapes
    • Mainframes

Data Protection

GRM protects your critical data through off-site backup, high-security vault storage and complete disaster recovery.

  • GRM vaults are strategically located to provide rapid disaster recovery services for primary business centers & major hot sites.
    To help you recover data quickly and conveniently, we provide 24/7 around-the-clock access to critical data, 24-hour “live” customer assistance and emergency deliveries to your office or hot site.
    • Fire- resistant, with heat and smoke detection capabilities.
    • Equipped with FM-200 fire suppression systems.
    • Guarded by key pad entry, motion detectors & CCTV.
  • Data restoration lets you recover and restore accidentally deleted emails, lost files, damaged discs and crashed hard drives to any system, application or database.
    • GRM's full menu of Information Management Solutions offer comprehensive data restoration services for tapes, PCs, Macs, servers and data centers. Our consultants will work with your IT department to determine your needs and rapidly restore information from any system, application or database.
  • Physical backup tape storage enables your entire critical data system to be rebuilt in the event of a crash or disaster.
    • GRM can provide delivery of any or all your media to offices, hot spots or disaster recovery locations to allow for immediate restoration.
  • Online data backup provides additional data protection from human error, hardware malfunction, computer virus, natural disaster and cyber terrorism.
    GRM's Online Backup service offers:
    • Security
    • Fast Recovery
    • Complete Confidentiality
    • Full Legal Compliance
    • Redundancy
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