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A powerful cloud-native solution that delivers transformative data management, automation and analytics solutions.

Data, Documents, Systems and Services… VisualVault Delivers.

Whether you’re seeking the data and document management-centric capabilities of an ECM platform (Enterprise Content Management) or the transformational multi-data repository capabilities of a modern CSP platform (Content Services Platform), VisualVault is a solution that demands further inspection. Born as an open, cloud-based platform, VisualVault has been built to easily integrate, scale and deliver whatever document and data systems and services your organization may need.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a Transformative Tool

GRM leverages cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bring ever-greater efficiencies to document management processes. The below functional areas are where our clients are presently experiencing the most substantial benefits of AI.

Text Extraction

Intelligent extraction of data that completely eliminates the manual review and manual data entry that creates cost and errors.

Classification of Documents

Training AI models to classify documents and auto-assign key data like retention rules and security designations.


Employing AI to review documents, score the content, identify the location of duplicate content and auto-delete rather than relying on expensive and slow manual review.

Predictive Analytics

Training AI models to classify documents and auto-assign key data like retention rules and security designations.

Structuring and Putting Data to Work

Almost every business struggles with data and process-centric inefficiencies and errors and they often look to records management companies and document management companies to help but traditional companies and resources may fall short. What’s required is a platform, like GRM’s VisualVault, that’s capable of helping those businesses make huge strides forward in erasing those inefficiencies and errors by employing powerful digital tools. The building blocks of GRM solutions are the ability to consolidate data, organize and structure it via our intelligent forms (iforms) and put the data to work with our workflow automation and workflow management tools.

In addition to inefficiencies and errors, distinct silos of data are also a reality of modern business. But, in order to step into the future, the walls of those silos need to be broken down and all data needs to be accessed. Once all data is identified and made accessible, it then needs to be normalized and made usable, structuring it with our intelligent forms technology. And finally, that data needs to be put to work using our simple workflow automation tool to design processes and route data and documents to where they need to be and usher along the process of what needs to be done automatically.

Workflow Automation
Content Services Platform of Tomorrow

Capabilities That Usher In Tomorrow

While the central data management tools of our platform deliver enormous strides forward in reducing errors and improvements in efficiency, there are a host of other capabilities that serve as a means of working toward true digital transformation. These are technologies like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) that help clients move beyond the structured boundaries of existing data, processes and analysis. These technologies effectively consume massive volumes of data and discern sophisticated learnings and naturally apply that incremental intelligence and prompt action around future processes. This is the purview of modern content services platforms.

GRM VisualVault software is featured in The Forrester Wave: Content Platforms, Q2 2021. Read the report now.

Intelligent Forms

Intelligent Forms or iForms are a central part of our VisualVault content services platform. iForms serve as a means of collecting and structuring information. Essentially serving as very sophisticated online forms, they can be populated via direct data entry or can be the recipient of mass uploads or auto-imported information. 

Regardless of type of information or mode of populating the information, the forms serve to structure the information so that it can be put to work. Whether being pushed into a workflow automation process or analyzed and presented via sophisticated analytics to deliver new and valuable insights, iforms are a central part of the platform.

Intelligent form builder

Why Choose The Grm Content Services Platform?

Our content services platform was born and bred in the cloud. It’s open, agile and integrates quickly and seamlessly with your current technology infrastructure and solutions. Yet, it’s highly-secure, highly-scalable and delivers extraordinary processing power. Excelling in the most demanding and highly regulated environments such as Healthcare and Public Sector, the GRM platform is a tool without dead-ends… only path is forward.

For a closer look at a couple of Healthcare applications of our platform, check out this Healthcare Information Management blog post (HIM Automation) and the Healthcare Legacy Data Archive blog post (LDA).

Watch To Learn About Our Content Services Platform

GRM’s content services platform is a complete solution for managing content, designing workflows and deriving valuable business insight.

Csp Vs Ecm

There is substantial overlap between both the definitions and functionality of an ECM platform versus a CSP – and very, simply, that’s why confusion and a lack of clarity exists. Ultimately, they are both technology solutions that exist to organize, manage and leverage data. We think the simplest way to differentiate the two is by characterizing a CSP as a more agile, more organic, more advanced ECM platform. By all accounts, a CSP is more future-oriented, cutting-edge technologies such as AI are more central to the offering and they are unencumbered by the constraints of existing repositories, unique governance and other legacy technology considerations.

What Is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

Enterprise Content Management is a technology solution that consolidates, organizes and allows for the usage and sharing of documents and data throughout their lifecycle. The centralized repository is the basis of the solution and exists to enable the management of existing documents and data.

What Is A Content Services Platform (CSP)?

A content services platform is a technology solution that delivers a set of tools that exist to deliver agile data-centric services and systems in a distributed environment. The services are a critical part of the offering and are focused on creating strategic processes and business insights.

While no image can thoroughly communicate the differences between the two, the below can help communicate some of the major differences at a glance:

Enterprise Content Management Platform (ECM)

Structured documents and data in a single repository with processes designed to maximize efficiency

Content Services Platform (CSP)

Multiple content repositories, services and systems to drive digital transformation

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