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Connecting Legacy EMR Systems to EHR
Connected EMR Systems

Connecting EMR Systems

The fact that different healthcare providers leverage different EMR systems makes it problematic for health system administrators to gain insight into administrative processes across their organization and for care providers to access medical information moving through a patient’s continuum of care.
GRM specializes in records management that connects your disparate, non-communicative EMR systems and providing you with a secure, cloud-based interface to view all this critical information from a single, centralized location.
Connected Legacy EMR Systems

Fully Connected
Legacy EMR Systems

Given the lack of uniformity that exists across care providers and their legacy EMR systems, the harder it has become to access, understand and share data. And the necessity of maintaining legacy systems is wildly expensive and inefficient.

GRM’s cloud-based legacy data archive can house and display data from any EMR systems, effectively providing a holistic view to administrators and allowing them to decommission old systems and realize huge savings. Greater efficiency. Greater insight. Full compliance. Better decisions. Substantial savings. GRM’s Legacy Data Archive is a solution that is yielding these benefits for some of the largest healthcare organizations in the country.

Top EMR systems to centralize patient data

EMR System to
Centralize Patient Data

Individual specialists or physicians should be able to quickly access patient data that resides in different EMR systems. Our ORC (Online Record Center) Connector can effectively access different EMRs and provide authorized users with complete medical records for an individual patient.

The search option within our ORC Connector facilitates the retrieval of medical information stored in non-native EMR systems. Within a care provider’s own EMR interface, a patient’s name can be searched and all relevant medical data regarding that patient can be extracted from other EMR systems. As a result, increase both the profitability and quality of care by quickly providing a more expansive view of a patient’s medical record.

Connect Legacy EMR Systems & Legacy Databases with GRM

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