Coding Workflow

Improve the efficiency of coding medical records
and dramatically reduce unbilled accounts.

Medical Coding Workflow Automation

The coding of medical records in preparation for submission to Payers has historically been and continues to be a major bottleneck that negatively impacts your DNFB or unbilled account status and the overall revenue cycle management for your organization.

GRM CoderConnect opens up that bottleneck by replacing manual processes with automated processes and consolidating and standardizing the acquisition of and requesting documentation associated with patient records. And, importantly, provides you with a simple and clear view of real time performance and processes along with insights on operational trends over time.

A Solution That Reduces Unbilled Accounts Due To Coding Backlog

1. Patient records acquired through single portal

2. ICD-10 codes easily accessed and assigned by Coders

3. ICD-10 codes easily accessed and assigned by Coders
4. Coded records immediately accessible to Charge Entry Team
5. Integration with billing system expedites submission to Payers

Full visibility of process and reporting delivered via management dashboard.

A Single Portal

The CoderConnect solution establishes our cloud-based platform, VisualVault, as the single portal for the consolidated acquisition of patient records. Based upon your preferences, those patient records can be acquired in a variety of ways. We can integrate directly with your EHR. Or, if you prefer an alternate means of delivering patient records, you can execute a batch upload of records each day or they can be printed directly to the VisualVault print driver. Selecting one of these options allows for accelerated implementation.

In addition to the operational benefits of VisualVault serving as a central portal, there are also significant cost savings to be realized as a result of no longer needing to maintain licenses for EHRs and billing systems for every Coder.

Intelligent Distribution of Records

Central to the coding of medical records is the distribution of records by specialty area – so that coders most familiar with an area of medicine can process those records most efficiently. The downside of this process is that the identification and distribution of records by specialty area is still done manually. So, an inefficient, manual process is required in order to realize an efficiency in coding. The CoderConnect solutions dispenses of this inefficiency by employing business logic that auto-distributes records based upon coding specialty.

CoderConnect provides for secure delivery of patient records to contract coding vendors.

Simple & Convenient Format

Employing our intelligent form technology, the CoderConnect solution delivers a simple, common format where diagnostic codes and treatment codes are easily looked up by Coders, assigned and then linked.

Accelerated Billing

By virtue of VisualVault serving as a consolidated online portal for records and the overall coding process, it’s accessible in real-time to the Charge Entry team who can proceed with initiating billing without delay. And, processes are further simplified and accelerated with the seamless integration between VisualVault and your billing system.

Visibility & Insights

Data is consolidated in a structured format in a single place and processes are standardized within a digital environment. Beyond the gains in efficiency, this allows for unprecedented visibility into the process, progress, data and trends that define the coding function. Whether near-real time insight into Coding output for Managers or graphic snapshots of the function over time, made available to executive management, dashboards and analytics deliver substantial business value.

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