Enterprise Document Management Software

Create, manage, track, archive and put critical business documents and data to work. 

Enterprise Document Management Software


Our document management software and digital document storage solution is a cornerstone of the GRM offering. Delivering valuable tools and unprecedented efficiency, as your organization manages active documents that are central to your unique business processes.

What is the difference between document Management and records Management?

The easiest way to think about it is that document management primarily covers active documents that are in the process of being created, revised and approved, while records management is primarily about the preservation and protection of completed documents that serve as a formal record of a transaction.

Automation is Central to Enterprise Document Management

As document management systems are focused largely on process, workflow automation is a central component of the solution. Given the simplicity of our workflow builder, individual users are able to configure workflows in minutes, using our intuitive drag and drop workflow builder.

After document creation, documents are automatically routed for review, commentary, approvals and finally completion and storage. With all steps automated and tracked with version control, documents are created more efficiently, tracked more tightly and organized more intelligently. 

Beyond documents being created and managed more efficiently, better business is the name of the game.

Document Tracking Software

Document tracking capabilities allow the steps and processes associated with document creation and approval to be captured and formalized. Given that certain documents are tremendously complex, both in terms of the content included as well as the number of people contributing to the document, version control and tracking authorship is central to providing contributors and management with transparency and accountability at every step of the process.

Secure Document Management Software to Optimize the Lifecycle of Critical Records

Our secure enterprise file management system meets security standards in the strictest industries.

  • From the beginning of the data transfer process to the end, all data is firewall-protected and end-to-end encrypted. 
  • We provide around-the-clock IT monitoring with regular security updates. 
  • We’ll work with your IT department to make sure we understand your data protection needs and create the ideal security program for your company in the context of your digital records management needs. 
  • Our security processes adhere to Safe Harbor and PCI regulations.

Document Management Software Built on Over 35 Years of Experience

GRM has over 35 years of document management and document storage experience.

  • Working with clients like Xerox, JetBlue, and some of the most prominent healthcare organizations and government agencies, has given us unprecedented insights into optimizing document-related workflows and collaboration on documents.
  • We’ve seen cloud-based platforms versus installed solutions and see how our cloud solution wins on every front – integrating with legacy data systems, adding capacity simply, simple version upgrades and a host of other benefits.
  • We advised companies on how to create efficiency by getting rid of highly time-consuming tasks like manual data entry, searching for critical records through piles of documents or unstructured data in legacy databases, integrating ECM systems with outdated legacy document management systems, and yes … how to get rid of filing cabinets.

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