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GRM offers one of the most agile document management software solutions on the market. It is used extensively in Healthcare, Real Estate, Property Management, Legal, Entertainment, Insurance, Media, Government, and Financial industries. GRM’s document management software and business process optimization software are fully integrated into our enterprise content management system, designed to optimize business process workflows and document sharing.

GRM Document Management designed its EDMS software for very busy companies where collaboration on documents and improving workflows are critical for success. We built our document management software with powerful features like document search and versioning, ICR data capture, offline capabilities, seamless integration into content services platforms, machine learning, workflow data analytics, and business process management.

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Integrated Document Management Software

GRM’s document management software is seamlessly built-into our Content Services Platform with powerful features:

  • Document search and document versioning – two features of our document management software that ensure your administrators have easy access to any record, document, or image, and that all edits are tracked in real time.
  • ICR data capture – technology that makes manual entry a thing of the past
  • Workflow Management Software
  • Offline capabilities and Field-Forms – technology that ensures that your employees can work on the documents even when there is no access to wi-fi or mobile data
  • Machine learning, data analytics, and business process optimization software – integrated technologies part of a very agile content services platform.
GRM's document management software is seamlessly built-into our Content Services Platform with powerful features:
Document management software integrated with a content service platform

Document Management Software built on 30 years of Experience

GRM has 30 years of document management and document storage experience

  • Working with clients like Xerox, JetBlue, and some of the most prominent healthcare organizations and government agencies, gave us unprecedented insights into optimizing document-related workflows and collaboration on documents
  • We learned how critical cloud-based systems will be for the next few decades and built our document management software to integrate with legacy data systems as well as content service platform
  • We advised companies on how to create efficiency by getting rid of highly-time-consuming tasks like manual data entry, searching for critical records through piles of documents or unstructured data in legacy databases, integrating ECM systems with outdated legacy document management systems, and yes … how to get rid of filing cabinets.
  • We designed our solutions for on-the-go companies, with smart-phone integration, and even offline capabilities


Document Management Software to optimize entire life cycle of critical records

GRM provided critical document management software to companies for 30 years

  • Three decades ago we developed document management software to easily track where documents were stored, and offered on-demand delivery services of critical records through eAccess Records Management Portal.
  • Our document scanning software, OCR-data extraction software, and document management systems changed how companies were able to digitize paper records and create truly paperless offices. Now we’re able to digitize thousands of records in minutes instead of days.
  • Today, we have an agile and scalable Content Services Platform able to integrate content management into optimized business processes
  • With machine learning and powerful data analytics our CSP will continue to improve business processes
Document Management Software optimizes the life cycle of critical documents
Document management software was developed to manage both content and workflows
GRM’s document management software was developed to manage both content and workflows

Our document management software is designed for an easy transition to a Content Services Platform

With employees in the field, multiple people working on several versions of documents, virtual offices, inter-connected databases, and outdated enterprise content management systems, it’s never been more important to optimize document management workflows. By integrating document management software into the ECM system, we achieved what very few companies could: we created a cloud-based collaborative environment and one of the best content services platforms in the world. It’s not just about software capable of managing documents anymore. It’s about being able to create efficient work environments driven by data, optimized collaboration, and real results.

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