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Until now, there hasn’t been a standard referral management solution in healthcare for initiating the patient referral process, keeping an account of referrals, or associating those referrals with booked appointments. So, tracking and optimizing patient retention has been an ongoing challenge.

Now with GRM CareConnect, you can have visibility into every patient referral via our simple referral management dashboard and more easily track referrals and appointments with the automation of key processes.

Patient Referral Management Software

Management Dashboard

The management dashboard provides initial care departments with visibility into each referral episode and the status of next steps — delivering key process insights at a glance. Simple and clear presentation of timestamps associated with key processes provides an unprecedented level of visibility that gives managers the ability to proactively track, manage, and effect change where necessary. Managers are presented with a digital record of and clear presentation of key steps in the process such as:

  1. Referral entered
  2. Referral acknowledged
  3. Patient contacted
  4. Appointment confirmed

And, an intuitive green, red, yellow status marker on the dashboard makes clear what referrals are on-track, what may require attention and what appear to be problematic. This dashboard is a central component of tracking CareConnect’s tight digital loop of data and automatic processes that will dramatically improve patient retention for your network.

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Advanced Analytics

In addition to the dashboard that provides real-time, process-specific data, the Analytics function delivers both program managers and executive management with a graphical presentation of program trends and issues over time. This function makes clear areas where there are process deficiencies that need to be corrected as well as a bird’s eye view of healthcare referral management data by individual practice as well as aggregated across the network.

For example, a Practice Referral Response analysis would graphically showcase the percentage of referrals declined, accepted, and percentage where there was no response. Or, a Patient Leakage view shows varying degrees of success and failure, by practice, in getting appointments booked within the network. And a quick click drills down to display metrics by individual practice. Ultimately, you’re delivered insight on macro areas of inefficiency and the ability to see data at a micro-level that pinpoints specific areas that make clear what processes in what locations need attention.

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Mobile Patient Experience

Simplicity and clarity are the focus of patient communications and the key to ensuring a seamless process that results in referrals being executed and patient retention being optimized. Patient engagement is optimized with the use of app-less mobile communication. The patient experience begins when they receive a text from the physician practice requesting that they book their appointment. A quick patient acceptance via mobile moves the referral process forward. And then reminders, directions to the office, and a host of other conveniences make the experience for the patient an unusually simple and logical process to follow.

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GRM’s CareConnect software automates and introduces key workflows to the healthcare referral management process in order to optimize patient retention.

As you consider patient retention and patient communications, also consider the management of your on-call physicians operations. OnCall-Connect makes it simple.

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