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Paper shredding and secure data destruction.

Paper Shredding and Secure Data Destruction

Let GRM handle all of your document shredding services and data destruction needs. GRM’s document shredding services are available throughout 15 regions in the U.S. Our facilities are located in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Our certified document shredding and records destruction services also include free pickup and transport to secure records storage and destruction facilities.

Watch Overview of Grm’s Record Storage and Shredding Services

As a leader in information management, GRM recognizes that secure and responsible destruction is an important part of the overall lifecycle management of your data and documents.

Document Shredding & Data Destruction Services

GRM’s Paper Shredding and Data Destruction Services have a fast-turnaround and are SOC 2 and NAID certified.

  • Requests for paper shredding can be made through our online customer portal; eAccess.
  • We typically execute document destruction within 48 hours of a pick-up or a document shredding request.
  • Securely dispose of your hardware like PCs, laptops, servers, switches, printers, and backup battery packs.
  • Purge digital information from a range of devices such as hard drives, data tapes, CDs, microfilm, USB, access cards, credit cards and more.

At the completion of the destruction process, we’ll provide a certificate of destruction for your records, so you’re prepared for any future compliance audits.

One Time Vs. Regularly Scheduled Shredding

If you have a single instance where you require destruction of documents or data, just contact us and we’ll execute an efficient transfer of materials, execute the job while maintaining the strictest security protocols and then provide you with a certificate of destruction.

However, if you require the shredding of paper or other data assets on a consistent basis, GRM can deliver a locked document destruction bin where your team can deposit materials throughout the week or throughout the month. A GRM rep will pick up the full bin and replace with an empty bin on an agreed-upon schedule.

secure document scanning and storage facilities

Check Documents Before Requesting Shredding Services

Certain types of documents may have strict retention requirements. And there may be serious legal consequences for not following retention policies and destroying the information prior to a required retention date. In consultation with our document management experts, we can help you make a determination and develop the best path forward.

If it is determined that destruction is an acceptable path, then we proceed. But, if it’s determined that it’s premature to destroy the documents and/or data, GRM can extend one of two options.

  • We can store the physical documents in our secure, state of the art storage facilities
  • We can scan the documents and house the newly-digital files in our secure, cloud-based content services platform

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