Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Document Management

AI brings exponential efficiency to critical document management processes; saving your organization substantial time and money.
Artificial Intelligence for Document Management with GRM

Functional Applications of Artificial Intelligence

GRM has been in the business of bringing efficiency to the management of digital data and documents for a long time. So, employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bring greater efficiencies to the process is a natural for GRM. While the possibilities for the application of AI technology are unlimited, there are four applications that are presently creating the greatest value for our clients:


We employ AI to scan through documents, extract pre-defined data from those documents, automatically populate unique fields with that data and then kick-off workflows based upon the inserted data values – or analyzing the values to deliver new business insights. Completely eliminating manual review and manual data entry, this application of AI not only delivers wild leaps forward in efficiency, it eliminates the costly errors associated with manual processes.

Classification of Documents

Using AI for the auto-classification of documents is dependent upon defining basic training data for the AI model. Documents are defined by type, document definitions are applied and then the platform becomes increasingly intelligent, improving its classification accuracy as the application grows. Once documents are classified by type, the system can then appropriately designate critical data such as retention rules and security designations for compliant use moving forward.
Classification of documents with AI


When you’ve got volumes of high value documents that are being manually reviewed in order to identify and remove duplicate pages across documents, you’re invariably burning a lot of time and a lot of money. We employ AI to review the documents, score the content, identify the location of duplicate content and auto-delete that duplicate content. This is infinitely faster and infinitely more efficient than paying experts to manually execute this process.

Predictive Analytics

The value of predictive analytics lies in having an informed view of possible future business outcomes. The question is accuracy. Our AI-enabled analytics models enable our clients to specify future values they want to predict – and get predictions that are infinitely more accurate (and actionable) than they were prior to employing these advanced AI technologies.
predictive analytics by grm visual vault

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