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Our cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) platform, VisualVault, is a highly-scalable solution that’s built to deliver efficiency, savings and business intelligence. Our easy-to-use applications, intuitive processes and progressive approach to licensing will help you solve your organization’s most pressing information and process management challenges. When those challenges sit outside the digital realm, GRM can answer the call. With a network of state-of the art document storage and scanning facilities, we can either store or scan your hard copy as you move forward toward a digital-centric future.

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Born in the cloud, VisualVault is a flexible, modern ECM platform. A transformative technology that delivers efficiency, savings and insights that drive your organization forward.

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Business process implementation

Intelligent Applications That Transform Your Data Into Action

Standard form technology effectively captures and structures data. Our Intelligent Forms (iforms) go further – elevating that newly-structured information into a more advanced data asset. Information, on a field-by-field basis is governed by role-based permissions. And, unique data in different fields is automatically routed to different functions within the platform; one field kicking off a unique workflow while another field is fed into a critical analytics function.

LOW-code and no-code workflow automation that keeps pace with your business

Our workflow automation technology is a low-code / no-code workhorse that brings you and your partners equal parts efficiency and flexibility. Employing a simple drag-and-drop interface, manual work is rapidly transformed into collaborative, automated processes – processes that can then be reconceived, changed and upgraded to keep up with the accelerating pace of change that defines your business.

Workflow automation screen
Analytics Charts
GRM Analytics Capabilities

Analytics that transform decision-making

Whether you’re viewing a user-friendly dashboard multiple times per day or the output of an end of year analysis, our Actionable Analytics function is a source of valuable insight powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Taking swaths of data and transforming them into easy-to-digest charts, graphs, conclusions and predictions, our Analytics will transform how you view your business and how you conduct business.

AI in Document management

The Overlooked AI Value Center: Document Management

AI tools teach themselves — learning more and more about the company and this knowledge gained can then be integrated with other systems and processes that share knowledge with the entire organization.

The Most Comprehensive Information Management Solution in the Industry

GRM delivers the experience, processes and applications required to manage your paper and your digital assets in their entirety.

Document storage services

Records Management

With state-of-art storage facilities in major metro areas around the country and internationally, GRM is well-equipped to house and manage all of your physical information assets today and tomorrow.
Document Scanning and OCR services


Each facility is equipped with a scanning center, highly-trained staff and air-tight operational procedures that collectively deliver flawless imaging jobs as you move to an increasingly-digital environment.
Digital Storage ECM service

Digital Platform

Our secure, cloud-based ECM platform can serve as the centerpiece of your organization’s digital transformation initiatives. From storage to workflow automation to advanced analytics functions, this platform delivers.

Digital Transformation

The success of any major organizational change is dependent upon thoughtful change management –
preparing your employees, customers, vendors and all other relevant constituents to approach business in a new way. GRM is a partner in that process.


Develop Custom Applications Quickly

Our experience, expertise and cloud content platform (VisualVault) collectively enable us to develop and configure custom applications quickly; employing powerful low-code / no-code technologies.


Your New Digital-First Culture

Concurrently, we arm your employees with the training and support they need to use VisualVault as their leaping off point for their new digital-first culture -- solving problems, upgrading processes and developing new opportunities.

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