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Higher Education information management

Expectations for improved automation and electronic service delivery are increasing throughout the higher education community. Students, faculty and staff are demanding improvements in operational practices that make it easier to locate information, collaborate with peers and get work done.

GRM’s document management software for higher education, powered by VisualVault, gives institutions a complete view of student records and improves business processes across the entire campus. GRM’s solutions speed the flow of information, protect the confidentiality of student records, improve cash flow, and put university professionals in a position to make informed, critical decisions. And, because VisualVault can integrate with student information systems, it provides a single source for the comprehensive, accurate data required to stretch budgets and remain competitive. Digital transformation in education delivered.


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A Modern Platform For A Modern Environment

Colleges and universities are undoubtedly environments that promote progressive thinking and innovative approaches to solving problems. Perhaps more than any other, these institutions deserve the tools required to more efficiently manage the volumes of paperwork and processes that take up too much time and hinder serving the student population.

This type of environment is best served by VisualVault, a powerful, open, cloud-based content services platform. Utilizing a collection of powerful tools, VisualVault delivers a broad range of information management solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and deliver unprecedented efficiency, cost savings and visibility into operations.

Components Of Our Platform

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Each of the five components of our powerful ECM platform deliver unique capabilities that serve the information management challenges of Higher Education. Collectively, these components provide compelling, easy-to-implement, high-value software solutions for higher ed. Available in one flexible platform, these marketplace-proven solutions are quickly and easily implemented.

Solutions For Every Corner Of Your Campus

Seeing Is Believing. Analytics That Deliver Actionable Insights

Important data is sitting in your SIS. It’s in the row of file cabinets in Admissions. It’s in multiple formats on that PC in the corner of the office. It’s stacked up on your desk. Data is everywhere. So, you piece it together but you really never have full confidence in the data or your resulting decisions.

GRM possesses the expertise, experience and tools to capture all of that data, regardless of format, organize it, process it and deliver it to you in a graphical, easy-to-understand analytics dashboard. And, you’ll even get a peek into the future with our machine-learning powered predictive analytics. A comprehensive view of the past, present and future arm you to manage processes and make decisions based upon facts, not guesses.

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