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When is the right time to consider a legal document management system for your law firm to manage the sharing, flow and archiving of important documents and data? The distinct possibility exists that you’ve addressed these tasks and related challenges in bits and pieces but have yet to seek out or implement a comprehensive solution. You have some documents in document storage. You have some documents in the office. You scan some documents and push them into a simple cloud storage platform or case management software. Different documents in different places are a recipe for frustration, error and lost business. That’s when it’s time to take a hard look at GRM’s complete document life cycle solution.

Watch to Learn About Our Ecm System for Law FirmS

The basis of GRM’s ECM System is our document analysis engine, our intelligent forms and our workflow automation tool. Between them, we provide a platform that intelligently secures, organizes and helps you put your data to work.

Digital Enterprise Content Management

VisualVault, our secure, cloud-based ECM platform is the backbone of our digital services. Unlike some cloud-based repositories, this is a tool that is designed to solve the problems of content management and help push your business forward by leveraging and understanding the data that you possess.

GRM’s legal document management software solutions were developed with features like smart data extraction to help classify and index documents based on their titles, content, authorship and specific criteria related to each case. Whether it’s a Word, Excel, PPT or PDF document, our document scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) software captures critical data and facilitates archiving the record so that it can easily be accessed and shared when needed. While VisualVault can certainly house your data in a supremely secure environment, it does much more. It intelligently organizes it, routes it, interprets and reports upon it. Cutting edge technology that is developed and deployed to make optimizing your investment simple and intuitive.

A Complete Document Management Solution

Physical records are a way of life for many law firms given long-standing practices, the import of approvals, document retention policies and a host of other dynamics. So, GRM’s comprehensive suite of products and services is well-suited to servicing law firms. In addition to our cloud-based ECM, we offer a full suite of physical document management services.

Document storage services

Records Management

In the document storage business for over 35 years, GRM serves many of the largest, most prestigious firms in the industry. Our nationwide network of record centers and transport services provide the ideal infrastructure to meet the records demands of any-sized law firm. GRM’s team will arrive, pack the documents up and transfer them to our secure document storage locations throughout the U.S. And, using our eAccess portal, you can view all of your inventory, make requests, pay bills and a host of other valuable and time-saving actions online.

Document Scanning and OCR services


Each location across the country includes state-of-the-art equipment that is operated by highly-trained staff. And, like so much else we do, security is top of mind when it comes to all of our scanning operations. Taking advantage of our scan-on-demand services, our team can pull paper records, scan and upload (or email) your newly-digitized records. Or, we can undertake major scanning projects on your behalf, scanning hundreds of thousands of images per day.

Digital Storage ECM service

Digital Platform

Adhering to industry best practices and the highest standards of security, GRM is NAID-certified. Whether its documents, video and audio assets or virtually anything else, you can count on GRM to securely destroy and verify destruction.

Benefits of Legal Records Management Software

Security is a Strong Suit

From a security standpoint, only users with the proper credentials can view a sensitive file in our legal software system, which drastically reduces the possibility of a confidentiality breach. Our cutting-edge data storage infrastructure and cloud storage protect data against outside security threats and makes sure all your digital information is backed up in the event disaster recovery is required.

Remote Access for a Modern Workforce

Whether more people are working from home or employees around the country need to access the same files, a centralized, digital legal content management platform is almost a mandatory tool for effectively doing business. Whether online or offline and regardless of device, your staff will enjoy unprecedented simplicity of access to documents and data

Records Management Software for Law Firms Yields Enhanced Productivity

Access to the requisite data, as mentioned above, is the cornerstone of enhanced productivity. But, beyond access, a legal content management system can improve how your staff works and help them get more done in less time. Daily projects are made more efficient with an improved ability to jointly access documents and collaborate on tasks. And, processes that were once manual can be simply transitioned into our workflow automation – with routing, reviews and approvals all taking place or being promoted by the system. 

Briefs being approved. Contracts being signed. Invoices being signed online and processed. The lists of tasks that lend themselves to workflow automation goes on and on.

Digital Mailroom Accommodates

When a full support staff may no longer be in the office every day to distribute, receive and review mail, critical, time-sensitive documents risk sitting unopened. With our Digital Mailroom service, GRM opens, scans and hosts your mail files – allowing for digital distribution and review of all mail in near real-time.

How does the digital mailroom process work?

  1. Physical mail is received
  2. Open, Sort, Prep
  3. Email is Scanned
  4. Unique PDFs Created
  5. Upload to cloud
  6. Access and Distribute

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