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Preserve, protect and manage the retention and destruction of important documents.

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Our online records management software solution plays a critical role in the execution of corporate records management processes and can serve as an important component of your corporate compliance and governance policies. A company’s records and information management (RIM) play a critical role in determining an organization’s retention, archiving and destruction processes.

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GRM records management software is a core component of our VisualVault platform and serves to preserve and protect documents that are records of transactions or decisions.

Records Management vs Documents Management

What is the difference between “RECORDS MANAGEMENT” and “DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT”?

There is a distinct difference between Records Management and Document Management. In short, Records Management is a central part of corporate compliance and governance; the practice of preserving documents that are final and serve as proof of a transaction or decision. While, on the other hand, Document Management is dedicated to the management of documents that are in process; being routed, revised, approved, etc.

Mitigate Risk and Save Money with a Records Retention Schedule

A records retention schedule is a cornerstone of formal information governance programs. And, a properly implemented schedule pays dividends on multiple fronts:
  • Helps formalize key records categories
  • Facilitates compliance and audit response
  • Improves the visibility of inactive records
  • Formalizes cost-saving destruction plans
Document Retention

Ensure Compliance With Our Records Management System

Because records management software solutions serve to memorialize a final transaction or decision, they’re not focused on updates and changes. Rather GRM’s records management solution is a tool that gives employees a simple (yet sophisticated) way to help manage records and ensure compliance; whether the records being preserved are in a physical form or digital files.

By setting business rules and associating specific metadata, the system will automatically apply those retention rules and make clear what should be held and for how long. Conversely, the system will also designate what can be discarded when.

Positioned to Respond to Audits, Investigations & Litigation

With the GRM records management solution as part of the equation, you’ll have formal and largely automated means of setting rules, organizing documents, accessing and ultimately destroying unnecessary data.

Each item is registered and given a unique identifier, retention rules are applied and then it is either maintained or destroyed over time. While the back end is far more complex, that is the ultimate functionality of records management – making documents available for reference over time. This simple and comprehensive access also allows them to be available for successful responses to audits, investigations and litigation, as well as making them available for destruction when the appropriate time comes.

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