Document Management System for Architecture, Engineering
and Construction

Keeping projects moving with a full suite of physical and digital solutions.


Large multi-location projects. Numerous contractors. Various worksites. Inconsistent access to data. The complexity represented by types of processes, types of documents, number of parties and geographies in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries is undeniable. As a result, so is the need for engineering content management software and document management system that all parties can access via licensing model that makes sense. GRM’s enterprise content management (ECM) system for architecture, engineering and construction takes into account all of these issues. 

For more than 35 years, GRM has been at the forefront of creating information management systems and document management software. We have the experience, technology, and infrastructure to help you get a handle on and effectively manage your data – delivering a full breadth of solutions – everything from document storage to scanning to a cloud-based dms that delivers sophisticated digital solutions.

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GRM’s ECM System for AEC Industries is built upon our document analysis engine, intelligent forms to capture data and an easy to use workflow builder that automates key processes.

ECM for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Upload your digital documents or scan your projects right into the enterprise content management system. Within seconds, the document is ready for sharing, collaboration and routing to the necessary parties. A data management system is only as valuable as the information in it, and GRM has the ability to capture data, extract critical data, structure it using our iForm technology and then push it via workflow automation into the right processes and to the right people.

GRM prioritizes the security of your data through end-to-end encryption of all digital data. Our cloud-based repository can be accessed securely from any location at any time, and you can set permissions so your data is accessible to appropriate parties only.

GRM’s robust, cloud-based ECM is compatible with virtually all software solutions and existing databases, including your legacy data systems.

ECM System With Offline Capabilities

iForms, our intelligent form technology, is the central means of capturing and structuring data. This critical tool saves time and helps reduce errors by auto populating fields and data based on contextual information. And, since it’s common for many in the industry — including managers, inspectors, and contractors — to work offline at job sites or other locations, we offer FieldForms. FieldForms are a type of iForm that allow you to use intelligent form technology without being online. Once you’re back online, data automatically syncs and starts the automated workflow – so you don’t lose time with manual data entry or processing.

Our workflow automation solutions further enhance efficiencies by streamlining approval processes with decision-based routing.

A Comprehensive Document Management Solution

While many information management companies outsource certain services, we take care of virtually everything in house – storage, scanning, destruction and sophisticated digital solutions delivered via our cloud-based ECM platform. 

Regardless of how hard and fast companies move toward digital business, there is always important paper out there; whether its old content that needs to be retained or paper produced from a current manual process. GRM has your document storage needs covered in spades. As the largest privately held document storage company in the U.S., we have state of the art facilities across the country and operational processes and systems guaranteed to keep your physical assets safe, organized and easily-accessible.

At GRM, our professional imaging staff handles all of your scanning needs. We have large-scale scanning capabilities, so digitizing physical documents — including non-standard sized documents like large-format blueprints — is simple and efficient. And once these documents are digital, you can access, share, and collaborate across your organization or with external stakeholders on specific projects. Additionally, this capability allows you to make scan-on-demand requests of the documents you store with us – putting digital copies of your paper documents in your hands within hours.

GRM can also handle all of your document and data destruction needs. Regardless of whether those assets are paper, discs or tapes, we securely destroy and dispose of data assets in a NAID-certified manner.

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