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GRM offices across the country are equipped with state-of-art scanning centers, trained staff and a set of operational processes and security standards that set the gold standard for document scanning and document imaging services. 

High Volume Scanning Services
document scanning service for any type of document to any type of data type - scanned images, documents and more.

Documents Scanning & Auto-indexing

As companies become increasingly dedicated to digital initiatives, scanning is more often about making data more easily accessible and leveraging that data to garner insights or simply get business done in a more efficient manner. It is generally not just a desire to get rid of boxes and open up some office space.So, if you’re talking about newly-digitized documents being searchable and usable, they need to go through an auto-indexing process when they’re being scanned – optimizing and categorizing the documents for search. GRM views this process as central to helping organizations progress in their digital transformation.

Scanning With an Eye Toward Digital Transformation

Beyond simple scanning and auto-indexing in the conventional digital format, ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software can be employed as part of the scanning process; effectively identifying specific content within documents, enabling further searchability and extracting unique data from these newly-scanned documents and putting it in a structured format (think a specific piece of data being placed in an xls cell).

Once this is done, that data can be pushed into workflow solutions or mined and processed by valuable analytics solutions.

From document scanning to data
Larege size document scanning with grm
Large document scanning services available

Life Cycle Record Management

When you are a GRM scanning customer, we can handle all of your scanning needs. Our staff and infrastructure allow us to process massive scanning jobs efficiently as a bulk scanning partner. Or, by contrast, we scan a single folder of documents that you’ve asked us to pull from storage – delivering you exactly what you need from your collection in short order.

We’re equipped to digitize unusually-sized and large documents such as architectural drawings.

GRM's Document Scanning facilities

GRM operates fourteen scanning centers across the US in New Jersey, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Houston,
Austin, San Antonio, Washington D.C., Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, and San Diego.

Secure Scanning and Digital Storage:
Ensuring Data Privacy and Business Continuity with VisualVault

Security is a paramount consideration in our scanning and storage process at GRM Information Management.Understanding the necessity of protecting both your physical and digital documents, we employ a comprehensive approach that emphasizes data privacy and protection at every phase.

Secure Handling of Physical Documents

Our scanning process leverages cutting-edge technology in line with rigorous security protocols, while our storage solutions provide a secure environment with controlled access. Whether opting to store, destruct, or retain your documents for a specific duration, we handle them with meticulous care, safeguarding their integrity and confidentiality.

eAccess is GRM Information Management’s specialized records management online service, allowing you to manage and oversee your documents stored in our facilities. With real-time access and streamlined retrieval processes, eAccess ensures that your stored items are both secure and readily accessible. This intuitive service provides more flexibility and control over your physical documents, aligning with your specific needs and requirements.

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secure document scanning and storage facilities

Digital Security and Integrity

We use VisualVault, GRM’s document management system, to ensure that all digital files are secure in accordance with the highest standards. This commitment to digital security facilitates more streamlined business processes, allowing you to entrust your vital digital documents to us with confidence. Our robust security practices offer peace of mind and a smooth transition into the digital age.

VisualVault allows storage of documents in almost any digital format, along with data extracted by OCR and ICR. This versatile platform securely manages both digital files and valuable extracted information under the same roof, offering seamless integration and efficient access. It’s an essential tool for maintaining digital security and integrity in your document management system.

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with every document scanning service, high security is necessary.

Learn more about high volume document scanning

What is high volume scanning?

High volume scanning is the process of converting a large number of physical papers, including business documents and files, into electronic formats. This can require specialized technology and may include optical character recognition (OCR) to make the content searchable. "High volume" typically refers to a quantity beyond what standard office tools can manage.

Scan your paper documents with GRM

At GRM, we consider high volume scanning to encompass more than one standard document box. Our scanning services handle large volumes of paper documents, employing top-notch scanning equipment to produce high-quality scanned documents in various electronic file formats, including digital copies of historical records. By engaging with our secure facilities and utilizing our enhanced security measures, businesses can free up valuable space and provide easier access to their data and digital information. Whether for sensitive data or general business documents, our service offers an efficient process to support your digital transformation.

What is the best way to scan a large amount of documents?

The best way to scan documents, especially business documents or paper files, is to engage a professional document scanning service. They can create digital files from documents, utilizing OCR for searchability, and secure the data with encrypted processes. Document scanning projects require secure, efficient equipment and sensitive data management.

GRM Information Management offers document scanning service that cater to businesses looking to convert paper documents to electronic documents. Our scanning process ensures data security and offers more flexibility with various file types. We can scan almost any type, even blueprints, and upload them securely for easier access. Our services also allow for storing on a USB drive or in digital storage. Contact us for a free quote and save on valuable office space.

Where can I Scan a big amount of documents?

Scanning a large volume of documents requires specialized scanning services that handle various file types and ensure enhanced security. Whether paper documents or other forms, having access to efficient scanning services and secure storage is vital.

GRM Information Management provides document scanning services across major cities, facilitating the conversion of paper files to digital documents. Our services ensure scanned files are encrypted and securely stored. We help businesses streamline their processes and create digital information that the entire team can easily access. Our secure facilities handle sensitive information and historical records, we strive to ensure business continuity. We can handle virtually any device, offering more flexibility and efficient service. For more information, simply fill out our form for a free quote on your document scanning project. Our service can save your business valuable time and provide secure storage for your scanned records.

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What do I do with the physical documents after scanning?

After scanning documents, organizations typically face several options for dealing with the physical copies. They can store them in a secure location, destroy them following legal and organizational guidelines, or retain them for a predetermined period before determining the next steps. Decisions may be influenced by legal obligations, the nature of the documents, and business policies.

At GRM Information Management, we provide a range of retaining options customized to your unique needs. After your documents are scanned into digital files, you have the choice to store the physical copies in our secure facilities, have them professionally destructed, or keep them for a specific duration that suits your business or regulatory compliance requirements. Our solutions are crafted to give you the flexibility, convenience, and security necessary to manage your paper documents as you see fit.

What equipment is used for bulk scanning?

For bulk scanning, the typical equipment used includes:

  • High-speed document scanners: These are designed to scan large volumes of documents quickly. Brands like Fujitsu, Canon, and Kodak often dominate this market.

  • Automatic Document Feeders (ADF): These feed multiple pages into the scanner without manual intervention, ideal for bulk scanning tasks.
  • Document imaging software: This helps with the conversion of scanned documents into various file formats, optical character recognition (OCR), and indexing.
  • Barcode and patch code recognition: Helps in automating the process of file naming and sorting scanned documents.
  • Image enhancement tools: These improve the quality of scanned images, especially from older or degraded documents.
  • Large format scanners: For scanning items like blueprints or maps.

It's also worth noting that when considering equipment for bulk scanning, it's essential to factor in the daily scanning volume, required resolution, and desired post-scan processing features.

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