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GRM’s document scanning services and OCR data extraction solutions are fast, reliable, and available throughout 15 regions in the US. We offer free pick up of your documents (within 75 miles distance) and transport to our secure records storage facilities in Miami, New York City, New Jersey, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. On-demand document scanning is available any time to our customers through our e-Access Records Management portal. 

GRM document scanning services are a critical component of our document digitization and document imaging solutions. GRM’s high-volume document scanning service helps companies digitize paper documents and photos. Our team uploads digital documents directly into our robust cloud-based enterprise content management system. The OCR data extraction software makes searching for documents and records very easy.  When you’re ready to scan your documents, call us. You may also want inquire about our ECM system.

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Request Document Scanning Services and Transition into a Digital System

GRM’s document scanning services are the first step in transition from using paper documents to digital workflows. All of our document storage customers can easily request document imaging service by logging into the records management portal. Just pick the box, send a request to scan documents, and our team will begin to upload the digital documents right into our contest services platform. When you’re ready to make the transition, call us to arrange a Free Pick Up of your records (within 75 miles of one of our 15 locations).

Request Document Scanning Services and Transition into a Digital System

On-Demand, Integrated Document Scanning Services

As a customer, your company can request document scanning services through e-Access portal.

  • GRM has been in the document scanning and storage business for 30 years
  • Companies like Xerox, JetBlue, Children’s Hospital of LA, and City & County of San Francisco trust GRM for document storage and scanning services.
  • Just log-in to the portal, request document scanning services, pick the boxes of documents you’d like to scan, and our team will start to digitize your documents right away
  • Our bulk document scanners facilitate scanning thousands of documents
  • Our ECM has an integrated OCR data extraction software to capture critical data and make the documents easy to find once they’re uploaded
  • Once they are integrated within our enterprise content management system your company is ready to edit, and share documents.
Request document scanning services through our e-Access portal
Document Scanning is part of GRM's document storage solutions

Document Scanning at Secure Document Storage Facilities

Securely store your records, media, photos, and documents at one of our locations

  • 15 records storage locations throughout the United States and Free pickup within 75 miles
  • State of the Art security system ensures your records are safe during the document scanning process
  • Request document imaging services directly by logging into e-Access Records Management Portal.

High-Volume Document Imaging Services Near You

Document imaging services conveniently located in big metropolitan areas for fast, on-demand service

  • We’ll pick up all your boxes, images, and media for document imaging
  • GRM team will ensure critical data is captured and integrated into your digital system
  • Easily search, find, and work on the digital document versions within your document management system
Document Imaging Services and OCR data extraction ensure images of documents are properly stored in the cloud backup system
Document scanning services ensure your documents are quickly integrated into your ECM system
GRM’s document scanning services ensure seamless transition to digital document management systems and workflows

Our document scanning services are designed for an easy transition to a Content Services Platform

GRM’s on-demand document scanning is a critical part of our document digitization. By integrating digital documents into the ECM system, with built-in document management software, machine learning to improve business processes, and data analytics, you will have access to one of the best content services platforms in the world.



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