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GRM’s EHRConnect suite of services provides innovative solutions that deliver valuable patient data management services that EHRs simply can’t deliver. These simple to use yet sophisticated solutions cover both patient clinical data as well as patient financial data.

Whether employing one product or the full suite, these solutions pay immediate dividends.


Employing Legacy Data to Move Your Organization Forward

Healthcare organizations maintain legacy EHRs in order to meet mandated requirements for the handling of healthcare data, but they’re expensive to support and the patient data is tough to access. Our Legacy Data Archive solution extracts and migrates patient data and images, from legacy systems, consolidating it into one secure, vendor neutral platform that supports the ongoing use of archived data.

Decommission Old Systems and Save

Above all, our Legacy Data Archive solution gives healthcare providers and administrators easy and secure access to patient information across a network, supporting the delivery of optimal patient care. GRM can transfer the data to VisualVault; maintain the integrity of the data, retire the old EHR and deliver substantial savings on cancelled EHR licensing and maintenance fees.

Compatible With Go-Forward EHRs

Given its architecture and cloud-based deployment model, our Legacy Data Archive solution can be quickly deployed with minimal IT investment and is seamlessly compatible with existing go-forward EHRs.

All Patient Data in One View

Our Legacy Data Archive solution merges legacy patient records with active patient records to create a Longitudinal Patient Record. Care specialists and healthcare executives are able to view all information, including discrete data and DICOM images, through a single interface. This comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history enables medical personnel to deliver faster, better quality patient care.

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Our Patient Health Analytics offering gives your IT department a powerful set of tools designed to perform predictive analytics on vast quantities of clinical data gathered from multiple EMRs across your organization. This is the Big Data that yields the trends, conclusions and insights that yield better patient care.


Delivering Physicians a View of Patient Data Across EHRs

Our EHR Consolidation solution is simple to implement and is a cost-effective way of delivering physicians a comprehensive view of patient data from every EHR within your network. Presented as an easy-to-read care summary, this data allows healthcare providers to see patient data from across your network – including medications prescribed, trend data related to important health measures and other information that could prove critical in delivering the most effective care.

Regardless of methodology by which patient data is delivered, the EHR Consolidation solution consumes data from every EHR within your network and presents that data in an intuitive and easy-to-view overview.

Intelligence That Enables Better Patient Care

Deliver a consolidated view of patient data across all the EHRs within your network; giving physicians the data they require to deliver better patient care.

Simple to Implement and Cost-Effective

Employing whatever methodology is easiest for you to deliver, we can immediately accept, process, organize and present the data at a fraction of the cost of your other options.


This solution is capable of reducing Days Sales Outstanding from weeks to days by identifying patient chart discrepancies early in the claims submission process. Our platform uses customized workflows to identify errors and patient chart discrepancies such as missing signatures and other requirements, immediately sending notification of missing chart components back to the appropriate parties for correction or completion. This ensures that inaccurate or incomplete claims do not prevent the submission and payment processes from being completed within the required deadline. By virtue of its ability to cut Days Sales Outstanding from weeks to days, Timely Filing Denials can be reduced by as much as 70%.


When information is housed in multiple old patient accounting systems, the risk exists of that data disappearing or becoming inaccessible. Some accounts may become uncollectible as a result. Our AR Workdown solution eliminates this risk by extracting records from legacy accounting systems and housing them in VisualVault.



GRM’s EHRConnect solution provides innovative solutions that deliver valuable patient clinical data and patient financial data services that your EHR alone simply can’t.

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