Document Storage solutions

With state-of-the-art document storage facilities, large-scale scanning centers and a highly-regarded cloud-based digital enterprise content management platform, GRM is uniquely capable of delivering a seamless document management solution today that is oriented toward a digital future.

Document Storage Services

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GRM’s market-leading document storage facilities and services collectively represent a unique position in the market; covering everything from basic storage services to transformative digital solutions.

Document storage services

Our Facilities

Our storage facilities are among the finest in the industry; staffed 24/7 by security personnel and equipped with state-of-art security technologies and fire suppression systems.

GRM maintains facilities in 16 major metros across the U.S., including AtlantaAustinBaltimoreBostonChicagoDallasHoustonIndianapolisLos AngelesMiamiNew Jersey, New YorkPhiladelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Additionally, GRM has a rapidly-growing operation in South America with facilities in Lima, Peru; Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo Brazil; and Bogota, Colombia.

In addition to document storage, each of these locations also offers storage for data and video tapes as well as temperature and humidity-controlled facilities that meet the highly-specialized requirements for pathology blocks and slides storage.

Our Customer Service

One of the many things that makes GRM unique in the document storage market is our continued commitment to responsive, personal customer service. Each account has access to Customer Service as well as a local account manager who works onsite and exists to answer questions, address issues and work in cooperation with clients to find solutions that address daily challenges.

And those account managers and executive management are available, ready and willing to be contacted by phone. When our clients call, we pick up the phone.

Our System

Our eAccess Records Management portal is a sophisticated web portal and digital inventory management platform that gives GRM customers the ability to view their inventory, request document scanning, make payments online and a host of other valuable functions.

GRM invested heavily in the development of this proprietary software and it’s free to every GRM customer. We created it with significant customer input and continue to upgrade it and refine it based upon evolving customer needs and feedback.

Another pillar of GRM’s operational infrastructure is our PrecisionPlus process that defines our retrieval and delivery of storage assets. Essentially a rigorous chain of custody system, PrecisionPlus dictates every step associated with moving client assets – pick up, shelving, retrieval, delivery – and provides visibility to involved parties every step of the way.

Backup Data Tape Storage

GRM provides backup tape storage and rotation services to hundreds of leading organizations across the US. Housed in our pristine, temperature and humidity-controlled vaults, your backup tapes will be catalogued, securely stored and available for rapid delivery or standard rotation.

Whether you’re actively backing up on tapes and require our full suite of services or you have a quantity of tapes in your offices or with another vendor, consider GRM backup tape storage.

Magnetic Media

Storage is Only One Part of the Story

GRM is exceptionally well-equipped to provide exactly what you need on the information management front, regardless of what that may be. We have the infrastructure and expertise in-house and don’t cobble together solutions with third parties.


Documents are kept secure in our facilities. And state-of-the-art digital inventory management puts access at your fingertips.

Scanning/Digital Conversion

Each of our facilities has a high-volume scanning center and dedicated staff that converts millions of documents per month into digital assets.


Secure destruction services are available at all locations.

Compliance & Governance

Our experience, systems and technology related to Compliance and Governance are central to our records management services.


Pathology Storage

Temperature and humidity-controlled facilities and trained staff that meet the highly-specialized requirements for pathology blocks and slides storage.

Digital Solutions

GRM’s digital capabilities set us apart from our competitors and make us a future- proof document management partner.


Global 50 Law Firm Says They Should Have Made Move Years Ago

A Global 50 law firm with over 1,400 attorneys had approximately 350,000 boxes in storage with a major document storage company for over 20 years.

Reacting to rates increasing and service levels concurrently decreasing, the firm initiated conversations with GRM. They ultimately made the decision to move to GRM after they spoke to several large law firms that had already left the same vendor and moved to GRM. The firm reported that the conversations with reference firms all yielded a similar sentiment — that they wish they hadn’t waited so long and now that they were with GRM, they regret not having made the change earlier.

Local Government Seeks Partnership

A mid size New Jersey municipality was storing approximately 3,000 cubic feet of records with a large national storage provider.

In addition to compounding, contract-dictated price increases being implemented on an annual basis, client service had become virtually non-existent and the municipality reported that they were rarely able to reach a live person when they called their storage provider.

Trapped in this sub-par relationship, they reached out to GRM. In partnership, GRM and the municipality developed a mutually-beneficial plan to sever the relationship with the incumbent provider. Upon GRM taking over, the client has cited a true local orientation as central to the success of the partnership and has expanded their relationship with GRM to include cloud-based digital services.

National Not-For-Profit Seeks Relief

One of the nation’s leading not-for-profit organizations approached their large document storage partner multiple times to restructure their increasingly onerous fee structure.

Already in conversations with GRM but having not yet made the decision to move, the not-for-profit came back to GRM, realizing that the “cost of doing nothing” had become too great. Working in cooperation, GRM and the client developed multiple scenarios to bring the business to GRM and landed on a mutually beneficial solution that included minimization of upfront costs, adjustment to market rates and infrastructure and staffing that delivered superior service.

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