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energy document management

For the energy industry, leading-edge energy document management is the keystone to success. Capturing, organizing, analyzing and sharing business and technical data in a timely and cost-effective manner is absolutely critical to exploration, scientific research, project development and many other industry disciplines.

We have the information management solutions and expertise to provide project managers, field workers and administrative employees with the means to store, retrieve and share information in-house or outside the office. We’re also able to accelerate manual processes and improve the accuracy of data through our workflow automation technology.

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GRM’s document management software is built with features like ICR, OCR, data capture and workflow automation software to make document creation, editing and sharing a breeze

Greater Information Accessibility

A huge part of increasing company-wide accessibility to information is making sure it’s first in digital format and that the information is supported and housed within a central document repository. Without this infrastructure for records management in place, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep projects moving in the right direction.

When we deploy our platform for clients, we help our clients seek out and centralize all electronic documents within the context of the new system. Paper documents can be scanned and uploaded. We can integrate existing systems, enabling a free flow of data into this central repository, this central source of truth. Authorized users can upload new documents, share and collaborate.

Now, office workers operate with efficiency and field employees can securely view critical information such as GIS maps or construction plans from the convenience of their mobile devices. This level of data accessibility, in and outside the office, is vital to ensuring all parties involved in a project are well-informed and don’t waste time retrieving information from disparate sources.

Accelerated Business Processes

Productivity levels can take a significant upswing throughout an energy company when time-consuming processes such as data entry can be automated within administrative and non-administrative departments. iForms, our intelligent form technology, has the capability of capturing and structuring data for the use of automatically populating standard office paperwork. Now, data entry procedures can be streamlined and human errors can be avoided entirely.

In addition to capturing data in all types of formats, our optical character recognition (OCR) technology can take it a step further by intelligently scanning through a document and capturing specific keywords, which can later be used to locate a file through the search feature built into our cloud-based repository.

And, this newly-leverageable data can be put to work with our workflow automation systems. Dramatically improving the efficiency of countless processes, you can use our workflow builder to design processes that get documents where they need to go, gathering reviews and approvals along the way.

Security, Governance & Compliance

In addition to all of the gains in efficiency delivered by an increasingly digital environment, there are also gains to be made elsewhere. Among those places is security. Our platform employs the highest levels of data security tools and access controls – ensuring that your data is only allowed in the hands of those who are authorized to see it.

Additionally, with over 35 years of records storage and records management experience under our belts, we are also well-versed in and prepared to help you manage your compliance and governance with tools that manage whether you destroy or retain assets.

Lifecycle Records Management

We’re capable of handling all of your information management needs — including physical record storage. Instead of keeping your ever-increasing record inventory stored onsite and assuming all the operational costs associated with document archiving and retrieval, we can help you better allocate your office resources by storing your records in our state-of-the-art document storage centers. And once your records have reached the end of their retention policy, we can destroy your physical inventory adhering to industry and NAID requirements.

Aside from our record storage and destruction capabilities, we’re also able to digitally convert your stored physical files for immediate viewing through our online customer portal, e-Access. Users can submit scanning requests through this online application to access some of their stored records without having to request the physical delivery of those documents.

From initial storage to destruction, and everything in between, we provide you with the right document management solutions as your information management needs evolve over time.


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