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Identifying and adopting the tools you need
to improve business processes and bring enhanced productivity to your workplace.

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What is Business Process Management Software?

Business Process Management is the corporate practice of reviewing, assessing and identifying means of making standardized and repeatable process improvements that will yield greater efficiency, cost savings and a better employee and customer experience.

Whether it’s workflow automation solutions that streamline inefficient manual processes or its robotic process automation (RPA) that automates simple repetitive tasks, a host of business processes can be made more efficient with VisualVault BPM solutions.

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GRM’s enterprise content management system is built with features like business process management software, ICR, OCR, data capture and workflow automation to make document creation, editing, and sharing a breeze.

Business process management - the process builder

Optimize Business Process Management With Automated Workflows

Our workflow management software delivers incredible efficiencies when simple business rules are applied and the process is driven by quality data. That data can be aggregated from a variety of sources including hard copy documents, legacy ECM systems and cloud storage repositories.

  • ICR and OCR technology extracts critical data from unstructured sources
  • i-Form technology eliminates manual data entry and structures incoming data

With automation technology implemented and a steady stream of quality data informing the process, transformative change may be right around the corner.

Integrated Tools for Business Process Reengineering

Our solutions deliver what you need to transform information into action and improve business processes.
  • Consolidation of documents and data
  • Sharing and collaboration in real time
  • Implementation of workflow automation
  • E-signature capabilities for online approval
  • Customized reporting
And, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools give you the ability to push beyond the data of today and get insights on where business is going.
Integrated Tools
GRM Analytics Capabilities

Improve Business Process Management With Predictive Data Analytics

Our predictive data analytics and business process management (BPM) analytics tools provide insights today and a glance into the future.

  • Analyze tasks and functions across the organization
  • Take advantage of a full suite of automation software, machine learning and analytics tools that facilitate modeling and business process management initiatives
  • Gain increased visibility into how your company operates — decrease daily labor costs, improve speed and quality of work, reduce redundancies and errors

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