e Access Records Management


e-Access Records Management is a free, sophisticated online web portal. It gives GRM Document Management customers the ability to comprehensively view their inventory, request document scanning or look up records in document storage, and enables them to make payments online.

If you need additional functionalities, inquire about GRM’s enterprise content management systems.

e-Access Records Management

With e-Access Records Management, each transaction is captured and tracked within GRM Document Management’s database and is available for viewing.

Here are some of the application’s benefits:

  • Quick setup.
  • Pay your bills.
  • On-demand access 24/7/365.
  • Request deliveries and pickups.
  • Request document scanning services and digitization of stored documents.
  • Easily view and manage stored documents or data from any device.
  • Add and remove users based on department or job function.
  • Search containers and file folders by keyword search.
  • Search media type by date or sequence range.
  • Implement compliance requirements.
  • Generate reports based on:
    • Inventory Add-Ons.
    • Destruction Eligibility.
    • GRM Invoices.
    • Financial by Item Audits.
    • Refiling.

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