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What is Workflow?

Unlike many things in the enterprise content management arena, this one is comparatively simple and clear – workflow is the movement (flow) of tasks and documents (work) throughout your place of business. Historically, the harder part is getting those tasks to flow quickly and efficiently – with a minimum of human resources and a minimum of errors made in the process. Employing VisualVault and its intuitive workflow builder, you can quickly transform manual, time-intensive processes into efficient automated processes with our workflow management and content services solutions.

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What Are Some of the Features of Workflow?

The core of the document workflow automation software is the graphical process designer. Simple, graphical and intuitive, this is a perfect example of a low code no code (LCNC) application where users can easily design the process that they want executed without needing any new code to be written. A very simple example would be something like this:

Invoice submitted for approval

Invoice submitted for approval

Reviewed by manager

Reviewed by manager

Reviewed by director

Submitted to accountSubmitted to accounting for paymenting for payment

Submitted to accounting for payment

Actions across the organization accelerated with simple workflow automation processes.

This digital process pays dividends on multiple fronts. In addition to the obvious simplicity and efficiency created with helpful task alerts and other tools to keep the process moving, users are also able to upload associated content that may be required to allow the process to move forward. For example, in the Accounts Payable example above, perhaps the Manager may need to upload a contract as proof that the invoice reflects the proper payment terms.

And, there is also incremental visibility and clarity created by virtue of the steps and status being referenceable by all involved parties with a set of reporting tools presented in a simple dashboard. This dashboard will make clear where issues exist and opportunities for further process improvement.

In short, document management and workflow automation solutions are a valuable way to streamline processes by minimizing the likelihood of significant delays and errors and achieve greater levels of efficiency by minimizing the volume of human interaction required to see a process through to fruition.

What is the Relationship Between Workflow and Process Optimization?

Between workflow automation, business process optimization (BPO), business process management (BPM) and a host of other related terms, there is the opportunity for some confusion since there is overlap in terms, definitions and the business benefit that each provides. But, the easiest way to look at this family of related terms is this – business process is about achieving operational, organizational goals. This is the high level, macro arena. Automation is one of the means to that optimization end. Automation is one of many tactics that can be employed to achieve BPO or BPM goals.

Workflow Processing

Seamless Integration

Our platform can integrate with the newest line of business applications on the market as well as legacy systems you may have in place. No matter the volume of paperwork or business processing workload, our automation capabilities will improve your business processes. And, we’re with you every step of the way to make sure the implementation process goes smoothly.

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