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GRM’s workflow management software is designed to replace inefficiencies with productivity. Optimize your business processes. Our workflow management software is designed to significantly reduce upfront installation costs, reduce the expertise required to run the software, and increase productivity.

GRM workflow management software integrates with your current EDMS or you can invest in our ECM – Enterprise Content Management System. With this seamless implementation, you can start seeing immediate improvements in the way you work. Complete office tasks faster, collaborate with team members and improve business processes.

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Business Process Optimization

Streamline office productivity and use of your CSP

  • Automate manual steps & optimize business process workflows
  • Eliminate clerical errors
  • Significantly lower labor and operational costs.
  • Increase responsiveness throughout your organization
    with information being processed and updated faster than before.
Workflow Management Software by GRM. Productivity within a click.
Be Proactive. Manage your Workflows with GRM's software and powerful i-forms integration

Save time by tapping into our intelligent form technology to significantly accelerate data entry tasks.

  • Our workflow management software can capture structured and unstructured data, so the manual collection and sorting of digital information is no longer necessary.
  • With our i-Form Designer tool, create a wide array of forms to upload to your CMS – Content Management System, and as your business needs evolve make any changes to your form with ease.
  • After creating your business form, incorporate sophisticated business rules and workflow automation commands to make sure captured data is properly leveraged.

The days of exchanging approval documents back and forth without any kind of oversight or traceability are over.

  • After a document is approved, it is sent automatically to the next approver. In keeping with this decision-based routing, unapproved documents are sent back to a previous reviewer. In our ERP System, workflow automation goes to a completely higher scale.
  • With automatic messaging, users are immediately notified to review a pending document, thereby preventing the unnecessary bottle necking of an approval workflow.
  • Administrators now have a greater understanding of their records management processes and better visibility into approval workflows
    through our embedded reporting tools and intuitive management dashboards.
Workflow Management Software to Automate Approval Processes
Automator Worfklow - Workflow Management Software to Automate Workflow and Optimize Business Processes

Our workflow management software requires minimal installation time and are compatible with your existing IT systems.

We can work with the latest line of business applications on the
market as well as older legacy systems you may have in place.
No matter the volume of paperwork or business processing workload,
our automation capabilities will improve your business processes. We’re with you every step of the way to make sure
the implementation process goes smoothly.

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