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VisualVault, our cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) platform, is ideally-suited to serve government agencies and to better serve the public. On one hand, it’s an open, agile tool that can be deployed easily and is highly-configurable; accommodating growth and your ever-changing demands. On the other hand, it’s a powerful workhorse that can process massive quantities of data and complex processes with ease. Read on to learn more about how VisualVault can serve your agency.

GRM ECM for Government Transforms Your Work

Automate & Streamline Processes

Processes that were once manual, time-consuming and error prone are now simple, intuitive and nearly error-free.

Empower & Serve Citizens

Simple and intuitive online processes available 24/7/365 put power in the hands of the public.

Organize, Secure and Manage Records

Sophisticated document and records management and governance functions elevate accessibility, archiving and compliance.

Create Visibility & Insights

Desktops, dashboards, and sophisticated analytics provide ongoing visibility and insightful overviews of processes and programs.


While there are multiple critical components of the platform, our Intelligent Forms (iForms) and workflow automation technology are central components of almost every solution. iForms essentially serve as a tool to capture and add structure to data so that it can be employed in different processes, whether it needs to be pushed to another location or used as part of an analysis of data. iForms can be employed by someone manually entering data (eg: citizen filling out an online application) or high volumes of data can be automatically routed into iForm cells as part of a data aggregation process.

When we’re talking about data moving and processes being driven forward, our workflow builder is part of the equation. This powerful low code no code (LCNC) tool allows you to build workflow automation processes with simple drag and drop functionality. Multi step business processes that once involved the manual routing of paper and all of the pitfalls that go along with that are now digital, streamlined, status visible in dashboards and completely reportable

Complaint & Case Management Simplified

Not unlike Licensing and Permitting programs, Complaint and Case Management solutions rely heavily on iForms and workflow automation, with iForms employed to capture all relevant data and workflow automation employed to route submissions to appropriate parties for classification, triage, etc.

Complaint Management is transformed from a manual, laborious process for citizens to a streamlined, self-service model available 24/7/365. And VisualVault Case Management solutions aggregate the often-broad swath of service providers and activities that collectively seek to serve the individuals and families that require critical services.


With the mobile, on-demand solutions of VisualVault’s sister company, Zappix, we’re able to provide government agencies with the tools to transform the way they serve and communicate with citizens.

With Zappix, GRM’s Case Management solution is able to deliver citizens a self-service, app-like mobile experience. Customers receive a personalized SMS message with a link to the Zappix Digital Self-Service page, where citizens can access and review the status of their account inquiries, such as appointment confirmations and complaints. This information at citizens’ fingertips serves the dual benefit of improving satisfaction while decreasing the demands on government call centers responding to inquiries.

GRM also utilizes the Zappix technology for our Licensing & Permitting solution; providing citizens with easy to navigate, visual menus where they can access information and receive assistance 24/7/365. With this tool, citizens can stay up to date on the status of applications and you’ll be able to engage with citizens proactively by leveraging Zappix’s app-like scheduling functionality and auto-issued reminders – sending the right message, at the right time, to the right person, via text, email, or outbound robo-calls.

Services for Every Corner of Government

Our VisualVault platform is a collection of powerful tools that have been configured to address a vast range of government functions and challenges; delivering heightened levels of accuracy, efficiency and overall effectiveness. While there is virtually no data or document-oriented processes that our platform can’t improve, below is a sampling of our most popular solutions:

  • Complaint Management
  • Case Management
  • Licensing & Permitting
  • Provider Management
  • Marijuana Program Management
  • Alcohol Licensing & Compliance
  • Child Welfare & Support
  • Senior Programs
  • …and many more

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