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ECM for Human Resources. HRIS System. HR Document Management System
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Managing vast amounts of employee data from multiple sources and gaining true information governance in an increasingly complex landscape is one of the biggest challenges facing HR professionals.
GRM Document Management’s advanced enterprise content management system seamlessly integrates with your existing HRIS to give you full control of your HR data in a single digital environment.
ECM for Human Resources. HRIS System. HR Document Management System
Solve Your Key HR Content Management Challenges

At GRM, our HR content management software is designed to help improve your HR department’s overall efficiency through easily implemented advanced digital applications. We can help your organization:

Gain Visibility and Control

Automate Manual Processes

Improve Compliance

Minimize Risks & Avoid Errors

Garner Insights

Human Resource Information System - HRIS ECM HR Enterprise Content Management System
Seamless Integration With Your HRIS System

We make the transition to a fully digital HR software environment simple by partnering with leading vendors in the HR technology industry. Our HR content management software complements our clients’ existing systems, giving you full access to an extended set of employee and HR data in one centralized interface.

All HR content – including structured and unstructured data (e.g., employee paper forms and records, HR content from legacy systems and business applications, and others) – can be managed via your existing HR software, HCM, HRIS, or ATS system.

We use intelligent character recognition (ICR) and optical character recognition (OCR) software to convert unstructured data into structured, readable information. This information is then consolidated into a single document management software platform,offering a holistic and unified view of all your HR content in one centralized digital platform. Users have full visibility and access, as well as features such as process automation, compliance and security, enterprise-wide connectivity, advanced reporting and analytics.

Move your HR business processes forward with an integrated ECM & HRIS System
Move Your Business Forward

GRM’s robust HR software is designed to support all of your HR content management needs. We can help your organization turn HR information into strategic insights that can drive HR function and move your company forward.

We’ll help you:

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