National food distributor revamps their invoice processing system


As the largest distributor of fresh produce in the country, this client’s network of 34 distribution centers was having trouble processing customer invoices efficiently. They were lacking both the labor resources and necessary processes and procedures to handle large volumes of invoice processing. 

Their current invoice system involved transporting physical invoices, which are being produced by each distribution hub, to the appropriate invoicing center for further processing. This operation was proving to be financially unsustainable and prone to error, so they were eager to implement a solution that could significantly lower their processing costs and help them provide faster, more effective customer service.


In order to enhance this customer’s existing invoice processing system and improve their customer service, we implemented our digital conversion and storage solutions to address those business objectives. First, we scheduled and executed the pick-ups of their invoices from each distribution center and brought them to our regional record storage facilities. With our strong national presence and dedicated operations teams, we were able to coordinate the retrieval and delivery of over 5 million invoices to our multiple and geographically-dispersed scanning locations. After our imaging teams had completed the scanning process, scanned files were uploaded onto our cloud based digital repository for immediate online viewing by employees or by customers. In terms of the physical invoices that were scanned, they were securely stored within our state-of-the-art facilities. Shortly after completing this initial invoice conversion project, we continued scanning approximately 70,000 invoices per month for each respective distribution center.

Scanning invoices for food distributor


In providing this customer with our scanning services and pairing that solution with our document repository, they were able to get invoices processed and digitally stored faster than before and leave behind the costly process of transporting physical invoices to nearby processing centers. Now their customer service representatives have quicker access to invoice information and customers themselves can view their invoices through our repository’s intuitive interface by entering their unique credentials. Moreover, they were also able to re-allocate their office and labor resources to the other sectors of their business now that their workforce no longer has to scan documents on a daily basis or manually deliver invoices to processing centers.



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