Spartanburg Regional Health System Revamps Their AP Processing System


Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (SHRS) is a 600-plus bed, multihospital system in Spartanburg, South Carolina, had a document archival system that was being sunsetted by its developer. Within SRHS, the existing system played the critical role of housing invoices for the Accounts Payable Department, which processed and paid over 10,000 invoices per month for up to 15,000 vendors. For this project, SRHS was adamant that they find a platform that could handle the prompt import and proprietary translation of several gigabytes of legacy data from an old system. They were determined to find an on-site system replacement to handle this project but after reviewing GRM’s services, their top decision makers changed their minds.


For this project, GRM deployed an effective electronic content management solution and used their cloud-based digital repository. They were tasked with migrating legacy images and establishing a forward solution for AP workers to process invoices. GRM was able to scan, index and process large quantities of invoices–keeping pace with Spartanburg’s constant flow of AP processing tasks. As a final step, a supply chain application and viewer was integrated to coordinate migration of proprietary images from their legacy system. This platform was then rolled out to personnel allowing them to access pre and post-conversion invoice images. The entire implementation was completed in 30 days and only a single training webinar was necessary.

SRHS document archiving


Overall, this was a smooth transition for SRHS, relieving them from the worry and stress of having to continually handle physical documents. GRM, in conjunction with their online record center, was able to quickly and effectively implement this newer, simpler scanning and indexing process, allowing work to be processed accurately and without delays. Spartanburg was also able to save a significant amount of money by taking the service off-site and taking advantage of GRM’s services. Now, Spartanburg is interested in expanding their use of GRM by integrating with the organization’s new financial platform.


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