Contract Management

GRM’s contract management solution through VisualVault, our cloud-based platform, offers incredible utility in managing the lifecycle, routing, and approval of contracts. Very often, you grind through the negotiations and redlining of a contract, and then the final stage – approvals – moves at a snail’s pace and you have no visibility into where the process is being delayed.

With GRM’s cloud-based contract management software, you’ll be able to set up a routing workflow and have access to an elegant dashboard that displays the status of the contract in the approval process. Additionally, the software delivers a means of archiving and proactive management of future contract processes enabled by auto-assignment of metadata that triggers alerts of critical contract terms such as renewals.



GRM’s cloud-based contract management software allows you to route, view, and manage the approval of volumes of contracts simultaneously.

Business Doesn’t Move Forward Unless Contracts Move Forward.

You’re managing the approval of contracts across your organization. Different contracts. Different approval processes. Different status of each. And it’s tough to really know where each one stands in the approval process. With GRM’s online contract lifecycle management software, you’ll have visibility into the status of every contract approval and you’ll be equipped to move contracts forward…so that business can move forward.

An infographic displaying GRM's contract management software process.

Define unique approval processes with our workflow designer.

Workflow automation efficiently moves the contracts through the required approvals.

Enjoy visibility of the status of every contract in your personal dashboard.

Secure final approvals with online signatures.

Intelligently archive contracts and manage renewals, etc. with automatically assigned metadata.


Utilizing the powerful iform tool, you create a basic profile for each contract that includes defining data on key terms including expiration and renewal information. And then, employing our workflow designer, you establish the required approval process.

A screenshot of GRM's Contract Management Software.
Screenshots of GRM's Contract Lifecycle Management Software.


It’s tough to move things forward if you don’t know where they stand. With your personal dashboard, you’ll get a clear picture of the status of every contract – where it is in the process and when it got there. If things aren’t moving along, your pre-set reminder will be issued to the approver or you can reach out offline. And dashboards give management visibility into the process.


Once a contract is executed, it gets archived in the system for historical reference. And previously assigned metadata is put to work as important dates approach; generating alerts for items like contract renewals.


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