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GRM’s enterprise content management system, is an agile and highly scalable ECM that seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure, and  databases. It’s built for collaborative environments with multiple users to work off of a single inter-connected database.

Our ECM is a whole lot more than a simple document management system. GRM’s ECM is the top solution to create shareable documents and optimize business workflows. It’s a content management system with integrated data analytics, machine learning, intelligent data capture, DMS software to manage documents, version tracking, high-tech security features, intuitive business process management (BPM) and Workflow Management Software. Our enterprise content management system was designed to improve business processes.

Our CMS is an Enterprise content management system built for your needs today with an eye towards tomorrow’s opportunities.

Everyday business tasks like Purchase Order or Claims Processing are often manual, are prone to delays and errors and when derailed, they often create bigger problems. With GRM’s enterprise document management system, you can easily automate and streamline such processes. Our ECM tracks all users’ activities and document revisions as they are collaborated on in real-time, and proactively enhances the progression towards completion of critical tasks.

The Future of Enterprise Content Management Systems.

GRM ECM - Enterprise Content Management System

Unlock your Company’s True Potential to Optimize Business Processes with GRM’s Enterprise Content Management System

GRM has been in the business of developing ECM systems and document management software for more than 10 years. 30 years ago, we were the first document storage company to implement barcode tracking on boxes of documents. In the 1990’s our customers already had online access. Our first DMS software a few years later allowed for intelligent document scanning and data classification. Designed for OCR data capture & scanning it was one of the first DMS on the market with built-in document imaging and optical character recognition (OCR). Now, our ECM is an AI-driven enterprise content management system that extracts and processes unstructured data, even from legacy systems, and improves business processes. We’re way past electronic signatures. It’s an ECM designed for continual optimization of business processes and on-the-go access, even on mobile devices.

Our ECM optimizes your documents’ entire lifecycle.

GRM is not just an enterprise content management system and document management software company. We offer an entire suite of document management services that can transport and transform paper files into digital documents, extract data, classify records, and make them ready to be collaborated on in your company’s business processes. What used to take hours is now accomplished in seconds. While you’re already managing workflow processes, rest assured that all your records are securely backed up in our cloud document storage repository or at our offsite paper document storage facilities, accessible whenever you need them.