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GRMpedia is a knowledge base of retention and reporting regulations from the United States and selective countries throughout the world. It fills a critical, underserved, organizational need in the area of compliance. Virtually every business can benefit from what GRMpedia provides: an easy to understand, codified resource of relevant regulations for the preservation and destruction of its information. No other research knowledge base for retention regulations currently offers this level of access and defensibility.

GRMpedia Features & Advantages

  • A proprietary, easy-to-use, on-demand GRM subscription service.
  • Continuously updated-real time regulations and citations that are continually updated to reflect changes and new additions.
  • Accessible online 24/7 using any standard web browser.
  • Client can subscribe for Federal regulations only. Federal & State Regulations and International Regulations for select countries.
  • Multiple agency regulations, which are not standard, are easily reviewed so that the appropriate retention period is selected.
  • At-a-glance Risk Meter, a visually striking matrix that quickly provides a “big picture” severity measure of a company’s  compliance and risk issues.

First year GRMpedia subscription included when the GRM Solutions Group is engaged to create a client’s Records Governance Package and Retention Schedule

Unique Search Capabilities

  • Quickly search through many thousands of retention and reporting sections of regulations to find the relevant, applicable statutes and agency citations that govern record preservation.
  • Key Word Search–key words or phrases can be entered to facilitate a search.
  • ‘See More’ feature when a regulation requires further investigation.
  • Flexible, customization capabilities–GRMpedia provides only the regulatory information relevant to your particular business, locations and operations.

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