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Health Systems

Health systems are generally comprised of geographically-dispersed hospitals and clinics that operate largely independent of one another. We’re able to consolidate patient information from disparate healthcare entities while automating business processes related
to patient data such as A/P, billing, and human resources through our enterprise content management platform.  With our enterprise content management platform in place, you will have greater access to accurate business data so smarter decisions can be made.
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Automation Leads to
Better Business Decisions

It’s essential for healthcare executives to receive immediate, up-to-date intelligence on how a physician practice, hospital or entire health system is performing, both in terms of profitability and the quality of patient care.

By building our workflow automation solutions into standard administrative and patient-oriented processes, increasingly-accurate data can be obtained earlier in a process and better decisions can be made as a result.

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A Complete, Top-Level View
of your Health System

As a result of health systems being comprised of disparate data management systems, it’s extremely difficult to consolidate administrative and patient-related information. Our enterprise content management solutions allow authorized users to access legacy data in addition to individually-housed electronic medical records (EMR) from a single, online interface.

By bringing together all these disconnected EMR, ERP and legacy systems, we can give administrators a whole new level of visibility into their records management business processes and make sure care providers get the patient data they need when they need it.

Accounting data archive
Accountable Care
Organizations (ACO’s)

GRM enhances the communication between health providers within an accountable care organization so that the duplication of services and medical errors are avoided and patients get the right care at the right time. As a result of our platform’s compatibility with all information management systems, patient information can move seamlessly throughout an ACO’s care continuum.

The capture of patient data can be streamlined though our intelligent form solution, iForms, and stored in our cloud-based repository for authorized users to access. With an ACO’s centralized management structure, we can step in and automate complex billing processes, positively impacting the bottom line of all care providers while remaining in line with the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative.

Chart Management graphic
chart management

With organic growth and the prevalence of mergers and acquisitions in the health care industry, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a single, consistent patient chart management program. This creates an environment for department heads where critical data can’t be quickly accessed and properly managed to ensure compliance. And for the most senior executives, it creates a level of organizational inefficiency and an inability to report on operations that negatively impacts the profitability of the entire organization.

GRM offers a unique chart management solution that makes sure all relevant data, regardless of format or source, can be securely accessed through a patient’s comprehensive medical chart via our Vendor Neutral Archive which serves to consolidate and display isolated legacy data through a single interface. Our scanning capabilities allow us to digitize physical records for immediate access and we can house and transport physical charts to the proper care providers .

Now, healthcare professionals can have access to a comprehensive medical chart. And, by providing more efficient medical care and treating more patients than before, administrators can enjoy a reduction in operational costs and increased health system-wide productivity.

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