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Hospital Support Entities

Not dissimilar from the data access problems, data usability challenges and workflow inefficiencies that face major healthcare organizations, the contract vendors that support these organizations are also hampered by the same issues.
GRM’s Chart Acquisition Platform provides a solution that dramatically increases the efficiency and lowers the costs associated with compiling complete patient charts.
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Chart Processing

Complete patient charts are the holy grail of billing and medical records processing. Incomplete charts are the source of substantial increases in the cost and time associated with records processing.

As a part of GRM’s patient chart management program, its advanced capture tools are able to consume charts from clients and systematically determine chart completeness. It can then automatically communicate chart deficiencies to the appropriate staff. This process shortens the typical cycle dramatically and paves the way for highly automated resolution steps.

Once the charts are complete, claims processing proceeds. Costs are decreased and revenue is increased. A textbook business success story.

Scalability is a critical factor that limits business’s use of cloud storage services.
Improving Cash
Flow & Insights

While GRM’s Chart Acquisition Platform is solving the procedural issues of department managers, it’s also translating into major advantages for C-level executives.

The incomplete charts that plague client chart processing programs create major financial issues for executives focused on finance and operations. Incomplete charts increase Days Sales Outstanding, create high rates of write-offs because of timely filing denials, increase unbillable patient hospital visits and drain IT and admin resources.

While these are big issues that translate into the loss of big dollars, GRM’s records management solution goes a very long way in solving them. Our solution’s web-based environment makes deployment and expansion easy, fast and inexpensive; costs being limited largely to operational implementation.

And, integrated analytics and reporting capabilities all but ensure that our customers will be equipped with the insights required to make ongoing improvements and enjoy increased profitability.

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