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Medical Records Management

Often times physical records can be digitally converted but can’t be destroyed for a period of time. Instead of taking the responsibility of storing your medical record inventory onsite, which includes everything from pathology slide storage to radiological imaging, until they’re ready to be
destroyed, we can securely house, manage and provide you with digital versions of your documents when you need them. We’ll help you regain office space, improve the organization of your files for quick retrieval and keep a close eye on your document management retention policies.
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Records Management

Even with the prevalence of digitally-oriented processes within health systems, physical medical records are still produced in significant amounts. Medical entities often store these physical records on-premise, but as more new records make their way in, the less office space there is, the greater the legal responsibilities are, and the harder it is to access medical information.

Our medical records management services provide healthcare clients with end-to-end solutions that address your document storage, imaging and destruction needs. And if we’re storing your physical records, we’re able to quickly locate and digitize your documents through our Scan-On-Request services so you’re never waiting for patient information.

We can digitally convert your entire collection of records as well as provide day-forward capture services so recently-produced medical records are made accessible to authorized users. And, we manage your retention policies; alerting you when it’s time to purge your records. From initial document storage to destruction and everything in between, we can handle all of your medical records management needs securely and professionally.

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The Right Infrastructure

Once the onsite storage of medical records becomes too onerous for a healthcare operation, a records management provider is usually sought out to address storage needs. Most providers can simply store medical documents, but may not have the systems in place to store records requiring special care such as pathological samples. Also, given the geographically-dispersed structure of large health systems, a storage provider needs to have a well-established, national network to satisfy the records management needs of an entire healthcare organization.

GRM has a strong presence throughout the United States with document storage centers situated in every major region of the country. Each of our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest climate-control and security systems so everything from sensitive pathological slides to radiological images are securely housed and managed by our HIPAA-certified staff. And you can request anything we store on your behalf through our innovative eAccess, online customer portal.

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