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Comprehensive storage for pathology labs. histology slides, and blocks

Pathology Storage & Workflow Management Solutions

GRM provides comprehensive solutions for the storage and digital management of pathology assets. Accessibility, speed and safe transport is what sets GRM’s pathology storage management and digital information services apart from all other vendors.
Through our ongoing work with leading hospital pathology departments, practices, medical centers, and pathology laboratories (link to case study), we’ve developed proven, cost-effective strategies for the storage and transport of pathology blocks and slides. We also leverage our HIPAA-compliant content management system to effectively manage our clients’ need to automate workflows and sharing of medical records.


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Comprehensive Storage
for Pathology Labs

Experts in the physical storage of valuable business documents and data, GRM’s experience and physical infrastructure is well-suited to handling the storage of your pathology assets. GRM follows pathology and histology samples storage recommendations from the College of American Pathologists and the Clandestine Laboratory Investigators Association (CLIA) to store and preserve slides/tissue blocks under contamination-free, tamper-proof conditions.

All slides and samples are scanned, packed and securely transported by experienced GRM personnel. From the moment GRM takes possession of assets, they’re barcoded and tracked through our PrecisionPlus system in order to verify chain-of-custody responsibility and accuracy. GRM customers have free usage of our eAccess software for managing inventories from any web-enabled computer. Place orders, organize inventory, request pickups and deliveries, generate reports and much more.

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Pathology Workflow Management

GRM’s physical pathology storage solution is a single part of our comprehensive commitment to delivering the most sophisticated digital content management solutions to the healthcare industry. Like so many other industries, a big part of effective enterprise content management in healthcare is improving inefficient physical processes via the application of digital solutions. Routing pathology samples and their associated hard copy paperwork from lab to lab, building to building is an example of one of those physical processes that is expensive, slow, invites error and creates bottlenecks that prevent associated processes like medical reporting and billing from proceeding. Our solution enables clients to lower costs, improve patient satisfaction and drive incremental revenue.

Pathology samples are one of many important components of the web of healthcare data that demands to be seamlessly interconnected. GRM is uniquely capable of creating this digital integration. GRM has created digital workflow management solutions for pathology labs where a pre-defined set of steps is automated and the pathology testing process has effectively been made paperless. The benefit? Accelerating the process, creating savings, reducing errors and ultimately improving patient care.

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and Mobile Solutions

With previously unstructured pathology records being put in a structured digital format, healthcare clients are also able to take advantage of our iForms solutions that effectively reduce the manual collection, sorting and input of data into IT systems – dramatically reducing clerical errors and speeding up the process.

We’ve never seen a lab, clinic or hospital where everyone is sitting at a desktop with their heads down. Employees are moving. Patients are moving. With a digital-centric pathology and lab records solution, your data can keep up with the way you work and be accessible to who needs it when they need it – whether at a desk or racing down a hallway with tablet in hand. Now, information is moving.

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