HR Onboarding Signature Packet

Distributing, tracking and collecting signed documents from new hires made easy.

With our QuickPack solution, cut the time you spend on this process in half.

HR packet automation system

The QuickPack HR Packet Solution Streamlines New Hire Document Approvals.

Whether you have the benefit of working with an HRIS system or not, it’s likely that you and your co-workers in Human Resources spend more time and effort collecting approved documents from new hires than you should. This basic process tends to be laborious, confusing and frustrating for both you and the new hire. With our QuickPack HR Packet solution, every step in the process is simplified, streamlined and clear. And, the time it takes to fully onboard an employee so they can get started is cut in half.

Required documents organized in a single HR document packet
Required documents organized in a single HR document packet
Process automation for HR
HR document packet shared online with new hire
HR document packet shared online with new hire
Process automation for HR
Auto reminders sent to new hire regarding unsigned documents
Auto reminders sent to new hire regarding unsigned documents
Process automation for HR
Status of all documents tracked in dashboard
Status of all documents tracked in dashboard
Process automation for HR
New hire reviews and signs all documents
New hire reviews and signs all documents

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Incorporating features like automated alerts and data analysis, GRM’s QuickPack HR Packet solution simplifies and streamlines the laborious process of sending, tracking and collecting forms that require review and approval by pending new hires.

HR Collects and Sends Documents
as a Single Packet.

If you’re trying to carry six individual glasses, there’s a good chance that things are going to go south, fast. But if you’re transporting those six glasses in a sturdy little box, you’re probably in the clear. It’s the same scenario with documents. If they’re all collected and organized in a nice package, they’re a lot easier to manage. With QuickPack you can distribute (and collect) all documents in a tidy little package.

New Hires Review and eSign
as a Single Packet.

Downloading, printing, signing and scanning forms sent via email can be error-prone and laborious. The process is tougher than it should be and it creates an unnecessary lag between an offer being made and and the employee being cleared to start. With QuickPack, you give employees access to a simple interface where they can review and sign everything. As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Dashboard That Displays Status
by Employee by Document.

Log in to the EasySign auto-updated dashboard and get a simple, clear account, on a new hire-by-new hire basis which documents have been signed and sent back – and which ones remain outstanding. Don’t worry. The auto reminder feature is taking note of those unsigned documents.

Auto-Reminders Drive Process
Through to Completion.

Throughout the new hire document approval process, our document analysis engine assesses status of completion and generates outbound auto-generated emails to new hires who have not yet signed and submitted all required forms.

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Explore deeper insights into HR automation best practices and discover how HR tools can transform employee lifecycles, manager approval processes and eliminate human error.

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Our HR Onboarding Packet Automation Solution.

Browse our frequently asked questions, which touch upon topics ranging from automated HR workflows to the nuances of employee training,
all offering concise insights into GRM’s Onboarding automation system and its suite of automation tools.

What is onboarding automation?

Onboarding automation refers to the utilization of technology to streamline and enhance the process of integrating new hires into an organization. Features often include:

  • Automated task assignments and workflows
  • Electronic document management and e-signature capabilities
  • Personalized new hire portals and checklists
  • Intelligent reminders and notifications
  • Integration with HRIS and other relevant systems
  • Compliance tracking and reporting

Through the use of automation software, the majority of manual HR processes can be streamlined, ranging from employee benefits administration to performance management. This not only allows HR team members to focus on strategic tasks but also elevates overall employee satisfaction and retention, thanks to improved process efficiency.

What are the benefits of HR process automation?

Benefits of HR process automation using HR automation tools and software include:

  • Time and Cost Savings: By eliminating tedious manual tasks and administrative tasks such as data entry and new hire paperwork, significant time is saved, translating to cost efficiency for HR departments.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: With automated processes, the chances of human error, particularly in manual data entry, are drastically reduced, ensuring precision in HR data.
  • Elevated Employee Experience: Automated HR workflows offer a smoother journey, especially during employee onboarding and training stages, enhancing satisfaction for new hires.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: As organizations expand, HR automation software assists in seamlessly handling increased workload, from recruitment processes to compensation planning. By removing some of the repetitive and laborious tasks involved in the manual hr processes , you allow your HR team to focus on more important tasks such as process performance management, accurate decision making, improvement of process efficiency, etc.
  • Informed Decisions: With better data analysis capabilities, HR professionals and hiring managers can make more accurate and timely decisions.

GRM's VisualVault epitomizes efficiency in onboarding automation. Designed to simplify and expedite the new hire experience, VisualVault encompasses all the features above, ensuring that HR teams can focus on people, not paperwork. Our platform brings clarity, consistency, and compliance to the onboarding process, setting the foundation for a successful employee journey.

Don’t major HRIS systems adequately handle this document review and approval process?

While some HRIS systems claim to handle document review and approval processes, their capabilities are often limited and not purpose-built for the complexities of HR documentation. They might offer basic document storage and rudimentary workflows, but these features are often supplementary and lack the depth required for comprehensive HR document management.

GRM's VisualVault, on the other hand, is a game-changer. Our solution provides a holistic approach, from a dedicated document repository per hire to advanced automation capabilities. It features intelligent reminders, customizable forms, support for diverse document types, and sophisticated e-signature functionalities. With VisualVault, you're elevating and streamlining the entire onboarding journey.

Once documents are signed and the new hire sends them back to HR, where are the documents archived?

Upon the successful submission of signed documents by the new hire, our HR Onboarding Packet Automation system automatically archives them in a secure, cloud-based repository. This ensures easy access for HR while maintaining the utmost data protection and compliance standards. Integration options with existing HRIS or document management systems are also available.

With GRM's VisualVault, flexibility meets security. You can choose to store these documents directly within VisualVault – renowned for its superior security measures and robust infrastructure. Alternatively, if you have a preferred HRIS or another archiving solution, our system seamlessly integrates, allowing you to archive the documents wherever you see fit.

Is the eSign capability in your HR Packet Automation solution legally-binding?

In our HR Packet Automation solution, the eSign capability is designed to be legally binding, adhering to major e-signature laws such as the ESIGN Act (U.S.) and eIDAS (EU). The system captures intent, identity, and document integrity, ensuring the signature's legal validity. However, always consult legal counsel for specifics related to your jurisdiction or use case.

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