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January 14, 2016

Who knew?  Turns out American adults have more missing teeth than our distant cousins across the pond.  According to The British Medical Journal, Americans have 7.31 teeth missing compared to 6.97 for our English counterparts.  Why?  It could be because Americans rely on dental insurance while the British bank on publicly provided health care.
These days, it seems that something else has gone missing.  Or, at least, there seems to be less of it.  Paper.  That’s right.  The good, old, American office staple has been victimized by the digital revolution.  If you’re ready to join the throngs going paperless, consult your local information management services company.  They can provide professional, cost-efficient document scanning and hosting solutions.  And they can also offer compliant means of document and media destruction.  But if you’re the touchy, feely type who craves the tactile sensation of paper, your trusted advisor also offers state-of-the art, off-site document storage.
Teeth and paper going MIA.  Fresh fodder for Hollywood.  No wonder there are two documentaries in the works:  “Toothless in Toledo” and “Paperless in Poughkeepsie”.  Both coming to a theater near you.
—-Dr. Document

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