A NYC Government Entity Needed Help Scanning Their Large-Format Documents


A New York City government department was in search of a record management provider capable of converting their physical documents into digital format and storing those files securely for future reference. They kept encountering scanning vendors that could not meet their particular imaging demands because of the scanning volume in question as well as the irregular-sized documentation that needed to be scanned. In addition, they sought a scanning partner that could handle the demanding logistics of regularly picking up documents for digitization.


In order to make sure their future scanning partner could handle their imaging requirements, GRM underwent a testing period with a sample amount of documents to be scanned within a specified period. After GRM agreed to the testing parameters imposed by this public sector client, we proceeded to transport their first set of records to our New York facility. Initially they had asked us to scan 5,000 files with the span of a week, but we went on to exceed their expectations and digitized approximately 10,000 files during this testing period.
New York City Government Document Scanning
By outsourcing their scanning projects to us, they were able to free employees of high volume scanning on a daily basis and guarantee the accuracy of scanned material. Moreover, after scanning their files we stored their physical records onsite; thereby allowing them to regain valuable office space to be used in a more productive manner. With vital documents such as construction plans or blue prints being scanned quickly and accurately, this important documentation can be made available to the right individuals without delay—boosting their internal responsiveness and quickly getting constituents the information they are requesting.


We were subsequently awarded the full scanning assignment and began digitizing approximately 200,000 boxes of records that were being held by another storage vendor. These records included construction plans, blue prints and other similar documents of irregular size. With our imaging centers being equipped with the latest large-format scanners, we were able to quickly and accurately convert these documents into electronic form. After completing this extensive scanning project, we continued scanning anywhere between 10,000 and 12,000 records of varying size and format every week. We employed the use of our digital repository as a medium to deliver their scanned files and proceeded to store their physical records in our state-of-the-art facilities.


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