JetBlue Airways Enhances Their HR Information Management Set-Up


JetBlue needed to renovate its HR information management system as it moved to a new headquarters facility. The company viewed this relocation as an ideal opportunity to substantially upgrade their HR information management capabilities. JetBlue’s People Department was looking to convert and migrate its Personnel and Benefit files to a secure environment where they could handle all day-forward documents digitally. There was an extreme sense of urgency as the new facility would be occupied in just six weeks, and the goal was to have everything up and running by day one. The relocation and accompanying new information management processes needed to reflect and support JetBlue’s comprehensive, forward-looking management strategy


GRM proposed and implemented a Blended Solution to enhance compliance, centralize business controls and accomplish more in less time as it relates to archiving and processing information. GRM first installed their cloud-based, online record center in order to boost enterprise-wide information sharing and collaboration. To allow day-forward data sharing, their digital repository was seamlessly integrated with JetBlue’s internal SAP (Systems, Application, and Products) data processing. GRM also developed and implemented a Personnel and Benefits File Creation Process that ensures efficient use of the repository while minimizing the need to print and manage paper files. Paper and digital inventories were integrated by linking stored physical documents in our state-of-the-art record centers with scanned images of the same information.

Storage, Scanning and online solution for airline


In just six weeks, GRM managed to deliver a comprehensive back file conversion of Personnel and Benefit files that enabled airline employees to hit the ground running on the very first day at their new headquarters. GRM’s digital repository solution now makes it easier to categorize, retrieve and audit crew member records, thereby eliminating inefficiencies and improving productivity while employing best-in-class document security and controls. Within a phased, step-by-step roll out, GRM delivered an end-to-end holistic information management solution consistent with the airline’s needs and schedule. Solving the challenges of the company’s Personnel and Benefits files has opened the door to further opportunities. New GRM projects for JetBlue involve the handling of workers compensation through the Risk Department, improving the compliance, efficiency, and functionality of FAA maintenance records and exploring electronic storage solutions for the Accounting, Payroll, and Tax Records Departments.



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