A Prominent NY Law Firm Employs a Digital Mailroom Solution to Quickly Maintain Business Continuity


Since 2002, GRM Information Management has been managing the document storage needs of a prominent New York-based civil litigation law firm with offices in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

In March of 2020, the COVID19 pandemic took hold and spread quickly throughout the New York metro. The severity of the outbreak and the public health issues it represented forced this prominent NY law firm and a large percentage of other New York City-based businesses to transition to a largely remote model of work for its employees almost overnight.


This dramatic and sudden change resulted in businesses being forced to immediately rethink how they were conducting daily business and the importance of digital technologies.

The prominent NY law firm was one of the organizations that moved quickly in order to maintain business continuity and continue to serve their clients at the highest level. Within a week of this sudden transition of employees working from home, the law firm and GRM began to work in concert in order to address one of the operational challenges brought on by this upheaval in the workplace – receiving and distributing physical mail.

The law firm’s management saw the receipt and processing of incoming mail as central to successful daily operations. Although there was a constant flow of mission-critical legal documents, letters and invoices, management did not want employees to travel to the office to receive, process and review these pieces of mail. In response, the two organizations worked together to rapidly implement GRM’s Digital Mailroom solution.


Within a couple of weeks, the solution had been implemented. The Digital Mailroom process was initiated by the law firm having all mail forwarded to GRM’s Jersey City offices, which include a state-of-the art digital conversion facility. Once the mail is organized, scanned and indexed, it then gets uploaded into GRM’s secure cloud-based content services platform, VisualVault. Once in VisualVault, the critical documents are accessed by law firm personnel and distributed digitally to appropriate parties. In the face of the near-immediate onset of the pandemic, the rapid implementation and the resulting functionality allowed the firm to achieve the ideal combination of maintaining operations at a high level while providing a safe working environment for employees, clients and partners.

Digital Mailroom for law firm

The ongoing success of the solution and the efficiencies it has introduced to the firm have resulted in the program being considered for long-term implementation once employees return to a primarily office-based mode of operation. Additionally, the solution has prompted the NY law firm to consider additional digital initiatives such as workflow automation and other business process management solutions delivered by the VisualVault platform.


The Digital Mailroom solution is an example of the symbiotic combination of physical document management services and cutting-edge digital technologies that GRM brings to market.

The comprehensive GRM Digital Mailroom solution includes the ability to:

  • assign metadata that identifies mail by department, personnel and category
  • categorize, auto-sort and search mail
  • issue notifications by user and department
  • execute annotations, edits and e-signatures


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