Jim Kanir CRO

Jim kanir

Chief Revenue Officer Digital

Jim Kanir is a seasoned executive recognized for his pivotal role in accelerating revenue and transforming business models within the enterprise SaaS and high-tech sectors. With over 25 years of experience, he has led initiatives resulting in the successful acquisition of six companies, showcasing his expertise in negotiations and the M&A process. His career has seen him in C-level positions, including CEO, COO, and CRO, where he concentrated on amplifying Sales & Marketing efforts to drive organizational revenue growth.

As the Chief Revenue Officer for GRM and VisualVault, Jim directs a dedicated team towards delivering innovative cloud-native ECM, BPM, and Digital Content Platforms, significantly impacting the company’s global success. 

An active member of the business community, Jim contributes to the Edison Directors Network and serves on the Advisory Board for the Pedowitz Group. His experience enriches academic circles as well, with engagements as a speaker and guest instructor at notable institutions.

A transformative leader dedicated to maximizing growth, steering companies toward unparalleled success in the SaaS and tech industries.

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