Document Storage & Scanning Services
in Lima, Peru

GRM stands as a leading provider for those seeking expert information management, document storage, scanning, and shredding services, delivering excellence and security in every task.

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Document Storage and Scanning Services in Lima, Peru

Only 60 km South of Lima, in the Chilca Valley. Direct access to the South Pan American Way

Av. La Chutana Mz, Q Lote 04 Centro Industrial La Chutana, Chilca 15871, Peru

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Our Document Storage Facilities

GRM’s document management software is built with features like iCR, OCR, data capture, and workflow automation software to make document creation, editing, and sharing a breeze.

The Most Comprehensive Information Management Solution in the Industry

GRM delivers the experience, processes and tools capable of managing your paper and your digital assets in their entirety.

Document storage services

Storage In Lima

With state-of-art storage facilities in major metro areas around the country and internationally, GRM is well-equipped to house and manage all of your physical information assets today and tomorrow.
Document Scanning and OCR services

Scanning In Lima

Each facility is equipped with a scanning center, highly-trained staff and air-tight operational procedures that collectively deliver flawless imaging jobs as you move to an increasingly-digital environment.
Digital Storage ECM service

Digital Platform In Lima

Our secure, cloud-based ECM platform can serve as the centerpiece of your organization’s digital transformation initiatives. From storage to workflow automation to advanced analytics functions, this platform delivers.

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