Loan Lifecycle Document Management Software

Imaging, auto-indexing and processing loan paperwork to streamline operations.
loan lifecycle document management

A loan document management solution that serves as a single source of truth

Employing our secure cloud-based content management platform, GRM is delivering banks like yours an unprecedented level of loan imaging and processing efficiency. Our solution enables all of your loan departments (Commercial, Corporate, Small Business, Specialty, etc.) to process more loans in less time, saving you money and delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Delivering an Integrated Loan Document Management System

Our banking document management solution integrates with your loan origination system and other legacy systems, optimizing the processing, accessing, management, and reporting of loan files.

Automated Loan Processing Efficiency

Reduce time and resources needed for loan processing with automation, minimizing manual and paper-based tasks like classifying, indexing, filing, reviewing, and approving loan files.

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Our solution enables your loan department to process more loans in less time, securely, increasing efficiency while saving you money and delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Eliminate Paper & Streamline Processes

Whether driving delivery of a critical consumer banking product or managing a back-office function, GRM solutions play a central role in eliminating paper, improving operations across departments and tying important data together from disparate departments.

Infographic - Manual Loan Document Process VS. GRM Automated loan process

Intelligent Data Extraction And Auto-classification

Imaging is a critical first step in the process of streamlining your lending department’s operations. And, GRM’s credentials and technologies are well-suited to both the ingestion of large volumes of digital data from other systems (such as your loan origination system) as well as the scanning and subsequent ingestion of paper documents. In either case, the GRM platform can auto-index documents, intelligently extract critical data, auto-classify and auto-file the documents in a pre-defined folder structure within our secure central repository.

In sharp contrast to manual indexing and filing on local drives, these capabilities save countless hours and minimize costly errors. And not unimportantly, this solution makes all files easy to find and easily accessible to all parties.

Intelligent Data Extraction and Auto-Classification
Loan Document Process Management & Automation

Loan Document Process Management & Automation

The volume of documents required to complete a loan file creates its own challenges and pitfalls. And when the process is entirely manual, it’s prone to break down. Knowing that missing documents, missing signatures, etc. can prove costly, in terms of both lost time and compliance, the GRM loan solution delivers mission-critical tools that ensure a smooth and streamlined process.

  • Dynamic document checklist that tracks what loan file components are completed/not completed
  • Workflow automation that simplifies automatic routing of documents for revisions and approvals
  • E-signature for approvals
  • Ability to simply search for and access loan files in a secure central repository from multiple locations

Loan Document Compliance & Audit Readiness

When you work in a highly-regulated industry like banking, retention management and audits are part of your professional life – and often a much bigger part of your professional life than they need to be. The GRM loan solution is “audit-ready” and dramatically simplifies the process of preparing for and responding to audits.

You can easily format reports that directly fulfill audit requirements and then provide the auditor with access to the report for a limited period of time. Format the report. Set parameters for access. Set to auto-revoke access after the designated number of days. That’s it. It’s that easy.

Loan Document Compliance & Audit Readiness
Loan Document Processing Analytics

Loan Document Processing Analytics

While loans are being initiated and are in process, tools that deliver efficiency are the key to success. When management is taking a broader view of loan operations, sophisticated analytics are the name of the game. And with GRM’s analytics suite, data is aggregated and presented in a way that delivers the insights that management requires to better understand operations and dynamics that shape the business. That enhanced understanding enables better decision making and better business.

Mobile Access

Mobile interfaces and functionality keep every bank constituent connected — to each other and to critical data — whether in the office or on the road. And customers are delivered the convenience of mobile access to loan status and related messaging at any time.

Mobile Access to Forms and Documents

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