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Healthcare Information Management Systems and Legacy EMR Data Archiving Solutions

Healthcare Information
Management Systems and Processing

A healthcare organization’s profitability and quality of patient care is tied to how efficiently and securely information is accessed, processed and analyzed. Healthcare providers need greater access to data and greater visibility into their business processes at an earlier stage so steps can be taken to eliminate procedural inefficiencies.
GRM Document Management offers healthcare information management system that organizes data and streamlines business processes throughout an entire healthcare operation, leading to more getting done efficiently while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. We also provide a full suite of document management software and enterprise content management systems.
Legacy EMR Data Archive and healthcare information management systems

Healthcare Information Management Systems

Consolidating legacy EMRs under a single platform is a critical aspect of administrators of Healthcare Information Management Systems. GRM Document Management's Legacy Data Archive extracts and consolidates patient data and images from legacy EMR systems into one vendor neutral repository. As a complete healthcare information management platform, it can house legacy data and seamlessly connect to go-forward EMRs. This allows care providers to easily access patient information across a network and deliver organizations enormous cost savings.

Legacy EMR Data Archive
Hospital Information Management Systems and Integration of Legacy EHR Data Systems

Health Information Management Systems

Healthcare information management systems need to be synced across one ECM platform in one cloud repository where all patient data and legacy EMR systems are connected. Such healthcare information management systems allow for high level of efficiencies. We’re able to consolidate patient information from disparate healthcare entities while managing business workflows related to patient data such as A/P, billing and human resources through our enterprise content management system platform. With GRM solutions in place, you’ll have greater access to accurate business data so processes progress smoothly and smarter business decisions can be made.

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Physician Connecting EMR Systems

Connecting Healthcare Information Management Systems

The fact that different healthcare providers leverage different EMR systems makes it problematic for health system administrators to gain insight into administrative processes and patient information moving through a patient’s continuum of care. We can take the disparate, non-communicative EMR systems and outdated healthcare information management systems and provide you with a secure, cloud-based CMS platform to view all this critical information from a single, centralized location.

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Administrative Processes

Optimizing Administrative Business Processes

Many administrative tasks are repetitive in nature and require pinpoint accuracy. Whenever there is a workload uptick in HR, A/P or financial departments, outdated DMS software fail, and processing errors become more frequent. As a result, the quality of the healthcare information management system workflow is affected and users may feel pressured to deviate from compliance protocols. Our workflow management software solutions can accelerate time-consuming administrative processes, eliminate inefficiencies and streamline the approval of documents all while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

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Outpatient Ambulatory

Outpatient & Ambulatory

Getting patients processed and treated as efficiently as possible is vital to an effective and profitable healthcare center, which is especially the case within outpatient and ambulatory departments where there is little room for inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Our intelligent capture and iForms solutions can take the manual, time-consuming steps involved in patient workflows and automate them; resulting in faster, error-proof patient processing.

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Medical Records Management

medical records

Importance of Document Storage Solutions for medical records retention policies. Some physical records can be digitally converted but can’t be destroyed for a period of time. Instead of taking the responsibility for storing your medical record inventory onsite until they’re ready to be destroyed, we can securely house, manage and offer on-demand Document Scanning Services to provide digital versions of your documents when you need them. We’ll help you regain office space, improve the organization of your files for quick retrieval and keep a close eye on your document retention policies.

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Transition Of Care


Not being able to access accurate patient information directly impacts the cost-effectiveness and productivity of a care center. Healthcare Information Management Systems should allow for medical information to follow patients seamlessly as they visit different care providers. We can facilitate the smooth capture and transfer of patient information from primary care offices to the next progression of a patient’s chain of care, whether it’s a specialist’s office or rehabilitation center, so everyone is up to speed.

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All of our healthcare information management systems are HIPAA compliant

Hospital Support Entities

Much like the administrative departments of a healthcare center, there are companies that service the healthcare industry that suffer from a lack of efficiency resulting in the ineffective running of their business. We provide these companies with healthcare information management systems and workflow management software that will dramatically improve business processes, so they can make decisions that are informed by accurate data.

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All of our healthcare information management systems are HIPAA-compliant.
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